Getting started

Hello beautiful Goddess! I want to celebrate you for listening to your inner calling to join this sacred space! Before we dive into this Sacred Journey take a moment to celebrate your YES, yes to yourself, your deepest desires and highest calling! 

On this page, you will find everything you need for this Sacred Journey (program).

By joining this program, you agree (and have read) to Kimness Guidelines and Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions, please contact me at .

On this page you will find

  1. Intention and Deepest Desires
  2. Replays 
  3. New book - Activating the Flower of Love
  4. Community

1. Intention and Deepest Desires

As you start this Sacred Journey I would like to invite you to reflect upon your intentions for our time together. What do you hope to awaken, learn, discover and create from this sacred journey? By you choosing to enter this Sacred Space with a clear intention, you send out a powerful signal to your Higher Self and the Universe, with THIS is what I want and desire. Through that they can support you to receive what you need out of these multidimensional frequencies and vibrations in this moment in time for your highest and best good and all involved. So take a moment to write down your intention. Why did you say YES to joining this Sacred Goddess Journey?

That is also what leads to our second question, what is your deepest desire in this moment in time? What do you desire to manifest? Create? and Contribute? These can be tangible things you would like to manifest but also states of being, like experiencing more moments of joy, connectedness, love, and abundance or having more clarity about your life's purpose and next steps. Again take a moment to write in your journal about your deepest desires and just keep on writing until nothing comes anymore. With this, we invite you to think big, try not to judge, just write. What are the things you would like to manifest? How do you desire your life to be? 

4. Replays

1st live call 23 aug 2022

Thank you for joining me live and through the replay! Since we worked with energies, my advice is to drink enough pure water (2L a day) and eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables after the session for a couple of days to support your body. And also to listen carefully to the signals from your body. If it asks for rest, try to give your body rest. Try to be in nature daily. That is always good and helps your energy system to the ground. And taking a (feet) bath with bath salts could support aswel.

Above all, have compassion with yourself, it may be that old emotion come up, just let them be there, be loving to yourself, you don't have to do anything with it, they only come up so that they can be released, and you can hold more light within your field. What helps me in those moments is to write them down, all that comes up, write it on paper, and when you are at a point that nothing comes anymore, throw the form away.

Just notice the little things shifting in your reality. Notice where you might react differently to something than you did before—the beautiful signals and synchronicity on your path. Notice what has shifted for you and still is. 

Two home play exercises first live call

1. For the next week gift yourself a moment of fun, joy, laughter, passion. Each day give yourself a moment to bring more joy into your life, not something practical or that needs to lead to something. Just for the fun of it go dancing, drawing, painting, dress up, connect with uplifting friends, go out for a fun night, buy yourself some flowers, cook yourself a beautiful meal. Bring more beauty into your life because you are worthy of it! 

2. This week daily take 5/10 minutes to connect with your sacred womb by closing your eyes and connecting to your belly / womb space. Allow yourself to become aware what wants to be felt / seen / acknoledge / awakend there, without judgment just observing.

2nd live call 30 Aug 2022

Thank you for joining live and through the replay, below you can find the replay of the transmission. The song we danced to is: Listen by Man Cub, Daye, 2021. This is the link the Awakened Love playlist with much more beautiful music.

3rd live call 1 September 2022

Thank you for being on this journey with me! I feel honored to have met you and looking forward to connecting with you again! You are a beautiful Goddess and it is now taking the steps to keep reminding yourself of that every day. So create your beautiful symbol and remind yourself of the river that wants to flow through you. The river that wants to guide you, love you, embrace you, and co-create beauty with you!

Below you can find the replay of the transmission. Tune into your Goddess Self daily and allow the beauty of you to unfold!  Hope to see you soon again, much love, Kim 

5. New book - Activating the Flower of Love

Activating the Flower of Love: A Sacred Guide to Manifesting your Deepest Desires and Highest Calling.

Is your heart calling out to you, inviting you to take the next step in serving your life's mission? In Activating the Flower of Love, you will embark on a sacred journey, partnering with the frequencies and codes of the Flower of Love—the creative feminine power of the Flower of Life.

This journey will support you in moving through any self-doubt or limiting beliefs so you may powerfully express your authentic inner self with confidence and clarity. Through potent activations, visualizations, and exercises you will be guided and inspired to transcend fear, deepen into the love for yourself, and step into the beauty of living your most extraordinary expression of self. From this grace-filled place of wholeness, you will learn how to easily manifest your desires around career, love, relationships, and finances. Now is the time to step into the fullness of who you are and co-create the life you have always wanted to lead.

6. Community

Feel free to join the Kimness Facebook Community to connect with other like-minded souls on a journey of great expansion.