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Divine Love Awakening tour

A Sacred Journey into the Mystery Teachings of the Heart! 

Tour starts 9 May 2023

A journey of deep remembering, where each temple holds its unique healing medicine and vibration, re-collecting Soul Codes of Wisdom, awakening your SuperPowers, amplified by the group that is coming together. to accelerate your evolutionary journey in the most fulfilling and joyful way.

You are here, reading this, feeling these EGYPT LOVE CODES calling, deep within you know it is time to reclaim and awaken these powerful codes within your being. Many of us are connected with Ancient Egypt and are called back home in this lifetime to activate certain wisdom codes within our divine blueprint, to co-create with the land, to not only accelerate our awakening journey but also to support the rising of the vibration of the collective.

During our time in Egypt, we will not only visit powerful sacred sites, enjoy luxurious 5*-star hotels and cruise, a hot air balloon ride, and soak in the salt lakes of Siwa Oasis in the middle of the desert, but we will also dive into the Mystery Teachings of the Heart with powerful meditations and activation's.

We have a private visit to the Sphynx and Isis Philae Temple and will visit other amazing sacred sites like the Great Piramid, the tempels of Dendera, Saqqara, Luxor, Komombo, the temple of Thoth and many more! 

Traveling to these sacred sites can truly be life-changing, not only because of the deep remembering and activation within each sacred temple but also because of SOUL family re-connecting in this lifetime, sharing sacred space in Egypt and beyond. 

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Much love, Kim 

Sharing powerful Egypt frequencies and vibrations 

A Sacred Journey of coming home into your Heart!

See you in Egypt!