Is Egypt calling you?

Come join me for a

 Sacred mission into the Mystery Teachings of the Heart

Journey 9 May - 17 May 2023

Traveling through Egypt is truly a journey of deep remembering. With each temple holding its unique healing medicine and vibration, re-collecting Soul Codes of Wisdom, amplified by the group that is coming together for this sacred mission. 

This will be a beautiful journey with Soul Family re-connecting in this lifetime, if you feel it resonates, you are more then welcome to connect! 

During our time in Egypt, we will not only visit powerful sacred sites, like the Sphynx, Philae (Isis) Temple, the Great Piramid, the tempel of Dendera (Hathor), Saqqara, Luxor, Komombo and the temple of Thoth but we will also enjoy luxurious 5*-star hotels and services, sleep on a cruise on the sacred river Nile and enjoy a hot air balloon ride!  

Check out full itinerary here >>> 

If you feel a sacred Yes, fill in the form below and I will connect with you.

 See you soon, much love, Kim