1-on-1 Mentorship

Ready to let your Soul Essence Blossom into fulfillment? To awaken your full potential and create a life of love, abundance, radiant health, joy, passion, and purpose? To unapologatically be you?

Kim van de SAnde

Hello beauitful soul, I am looking forward to being a part of your continued growth and success! 

Welcome beautiful Soul,

I welcome you to the vibrations of this Sacred Love Space. You have been guided here for a reason, as deep within you know it is time for change, to break the cycles of the past, and awaken your Magical Light to manifest the life you deeply desire. You BEING YOU is your biggest contribution.

Each of these 1-on-1 journeys are unique and designed by your Higher Self guidance. My unique Love Language creates sacred spaces where you feel seen at the core of your being, where you feel safe and loved to let your walls dissolve so that the Magic and Wisdom that is stored deep within your Bleuprint can awaken.

With my different Sacred Tools and Wisdom I support you in your evolutionary journey. Standing beside you as you heal, transform and re-connect to your unique wisdom and light. 

This time is asking you to BE the contribution you came here to be, to reclaim the soul parts you have lost along the way, to discover the wisdom within your shadows and the growth within your challenges, so you can come back to a place of Inner Wholeness. 

This Sacred Love Space supports you to center deep within the core of your being, to tap into your unique SuperPowers for guidance, each time building a stronger inner foundation of LOVE, TRUST and CONFIDENCE so you feel empowered from within to navigate these rapidly changing times and to create the life you desire! 

See you soon,

much love and blessing, 

How does it work

Each of these journeys are unique, and a combination of energy work and practical tools, for the physical outline I have created a 1-month package (you can also spread these sessions over a longer periode).

Within this 1-month package you will receive;
✓ 3x sessions of 1 hour
✓ Email / Telegram support in between sessions
✓ Sessions will be online via Zoom
✓ A recording, to journey with these Love Codes, supporting you to release deeper layers and awaken higher vibrational codes of your unique Light and Wisdom

Your investment for this package is €497,-

If you desire to book a single 1-on-1 session

Your investment will be €197,-

Your Sacred Guide


Kim is a Sacred Architect, Cosmic Channel, Akashic Records Master, High Priestess, Best-Selling Author, and Transformational Teacher. Using her sacred tools, she helps beautiful souls from all over the world to re-connect to LOVE and awaken their unique wisdom and uniqueness within. Kim's mission is to open the hearts and minds of millions through the power of love, amplifying their ability to fully embody their divine potential with the speed of light, empowering them to navigate these rapidly changing times with trust and confidence while quickly manifesting their deepest desires and highest calling from the strong foundation of LOVE.

When Kim is not teaching and co-creating with her clients, she spends joyful moments with her family and friends, scribing her next channeled books, hiking in nature, and traveling to sacred sites all around the world. With her transformative work and presence, Kim inspires others to awaken to their full potential and live a life of purpose, passion, and joy.

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