Welcome to the Soul Love Podcast 

I feel so honored and excited to share these amazing and inspiring stories with you of all these beautiful souls that I have met along my (awakening) journey and it is an absolute blessing to be able to share our collective magic with you!

Soul Love is a podcast that speaks directly to your heart, offering true and authentic stories that inspire and empower you to recognize your own power and magic. We want to remind you that you are never alone on this journey, and that by sharing our stories, we hope to inspire you to trust in the truth that resides deep within you. As we come together in this sacred space of authentic sharing, magic starts to happen. We want you to not only listen to our words, but to feel the energy that is being transmitted through these conversations.

It's time to reclaim your AMAZINGNESS, to embrace all of the superpowers that are a part of your BEINGNESS. Let us use those so-called "challenges" in life as rocket-fuel to propel us towards our desires! Remember, everything is connected, and we see you. We love you. And we want to invite you to see and love yourself - both the beauty and the shadows. You don't have to be perfect! It is through simply BEING that the magic of you unfolds.

So get ready to soak up all the fun, amazing, and juicy goodness that these episode of Soul Love have to offer! It's time to ignite your passion and step into your power! 

You are magical! Have trust in what you feel to be true deep within and reclaim your magnificent YOUNESS one step at a time.Enjoy these episodes of Soul Love.

Much love,

Kim van de Sande 

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