Before entering the sacred space of any of our sessions, meditations, transmissions, activations, or programs, whether they are free or paid, please take the time to read and understand the following guidelines:

1. Open Heart and Inner Growth ♥ Approach every session with an open heart, committed to your inner growth and peace.

2. Trust Your Inner Wisdom ♥ Trust your inner wisdom and intuition. If your heart or guides lead you in a different direction, honor that guidance. We acknowledge that each of us follows a unique path within the/this collective journey.

3. Heart-Centered Focus ♥ Focus on your heart; it is a gateway to your Soul and Source consciousness. If you ever feel overwhelmed, gently redirect your awareness to your heart.

4. Honor Your Boundaries ♥ Always honor your personal boundaries. Your comfort and well-being are paramount.

5. Embrace Limitlessness ♥ Recognize yourself as a limitless being with endless possibilities.

6. Create a Quiet Space ♥ For meditations, group sessions, or one-on-one appointments, ensure you are in a quiet, interruption-free environment to reap the most benefits.

7. Mental Stability ♥ Participation in group sessions or meditations can be powerful. If you are experiencing mental instability, consider whether it's the right time for you to join. Honesty with yourself is crucial; prioritize your well-being.

8. Cultivate Gratitude ♥ Set aside moments each day to fill your heart with gratitude; it's a powerful practice.

9. Self-Responsibility ♥ Take responsibility for your emotions and thoughts. Recognize that all emotions are energy within yourself.

10. Mirrored Reflections ♥ If you see aspects of yourself mirrored by others in the group, view it as an opportunity for inner growth. It's not about the other person; it's a signal that lower vibrations can be harmonized into Love from your energy field.

11. Safe and Sacred Space  ♥ This is a safe space for individual and collective inner freedom and higher consciousness. Respect the sanctity of this environment.

12. Confidentiality ♥ What is shared within our gatherings should remain within our group. Confidentiality builds trust and respect.

13. Mutual Respect ♥ Our community thrives on mutual respect, respecting each other's privacy, and preserving the sacred space we create together.

14. Nourish Your Body ♥ Remember to stay hydrated, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, connect with nature, and move your body. Support your physical well-being during your transformation process.

15. Personal Health Responsibility ♥ You are responsible for your own health and choices. Always consult a healthcare professional for medical concerns.

16. No Promises or Guarantees ♥ I am not a physician, I create and share from my inner inspiration and I do not make any promises, claims, or guarantees.

17. Trust Your Inner Guidance ♥ Listen to your inner guidance; it is your most trustworthy compass.

18. Safe Listening ♥ Do not engage in activation, transmissions, or meditations while operating heavy machinery, driving, cooking, swimming, or participating in activities requiring your full attention.

We appreciate your commitment to these guidelines as we journey together towards higher consciousness and inner growth.

Thank you for being a part of our community!