Getting started

Welcome in this sacred space, so excited you are joining this 21-day LOVE journey, where we gather from all over the world to ignite more LOVE within ourselves, our lives and that of the collective consciousness. When you desire change, it starts within, you hold all the power, wisdom and magic to create your unique heaven on earth!

Time to create (from) LOVE! 

On this page, you will find everything you need for this challenge. By joining this challenge, you agree to (and have read) Kimness Guidelines and Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions, please contact me at .

SCHEDULE TIME I would invite you to daily schedule time in your calendar for the live calls, to listen to the meditations / activations and to infuse your day with the practical steps and tools. Know there is no wrong or right way to do this, as with everything in life, the more energy you put in, the more you will receive. This is your journey and your life. 

SACRED INVITATION I would like to ask you to invite others, with whom you think these LOVE frequencies resonate, to join us in this sacred LOVE revolution, together creating an even more potent ripple and network of LOVE all over the world. You can give them this link:

1. Intention

As we are about to start this sacred LOVE journey together, I would like to invite you to write down your intention and desire for our time together. As with everything you do, the more clear your intention the better the Universe can support you and the more energy you put in the more you receive. There is no right or wrong way to do this, it is your journey and your life. Transformation already starts the moment you say YES to a new adventure, time to jump more deeply into this inner LOVE revolution!

What do you intent to awaken, shift or discover within this 21-days?

What do you desire to manifest and create in your life?

Just allow yourself to dream big!

Love is a SuperPower that can quantum leap your manifestations.    

a LOVE message as we start this 21-day journey

Enjoy infusing your day with frequencies and codes of LOVE. LOVE for Self and all around. On this page you will find different tips and tools that can support you to consciously infuse more LOVE in every part of your life. Supporting the elevation of the collective with Divine LOVE superpowers, one step at a time, first within and then allowing it to powerfully ripple out! And the beautiful thing is, it is not by you needing to learn and do more, it is by you being YOU! Just a friendly reminder that you are a powerful CREATOR being, time to consciously create (from) LOVE. 

Much LOVE, Kim

2. Audio Replay Live Calls 

The audio replay will be placed here within 24 hours after each live call.  

DAY 1 | Live call 9 September 2022 

Enjoy the Opening Ceremony and short Afterword video. I have also created an audio of only the Transmission \ Activation part so you can deepen your experience within these powerful LOVE codes. 

DAY 4 | Live call 12 September 2022 | Embrace all you are & Lotus LOVE Mudra

For these 21-days (and beyond) I invite you to be LOVE-ing to yourself, embrace all you are, the beauty and the shadows. There is wisdom and a opportunity for exponential growth within those triggered moments. Try to discover what it wants to share with you and how it wants to be seen, LOVE-ed and expressed and then you can use this beautiful Lotus Love Mudra to redirect your energy back to LOVE. Enjoy this beautiful session and a LOVE-filled day! 

> LOVE Mudra | Padma Mudra | Lotus Mudra 

The Sacred Lotus is a beautiful symbol and reminder of the Divine within you. This Lotus LOVE mudra supports you to honor your inner Light & beauty.

A powerful tool that you can use to remind yourself that you hold the choice and power within to rise above the darkness, to rise higher and higher, spreading your unique YOU-NESS wider then you have every done before in the most enlightened ways.

This Lotus LOVE mudra, supports you to consciously connect with your heart chakra, inviting in more LOVE. A conscious blossoming of LOVE through your hands.

You can do this mudra a couple of times a day when you have a quiet moment or when you feel triggered or overwhelmed, to bring yourself back to love.

You can do this mudra, just like in the image, by placing your hands in front of your heart, almost like a cup, where you let the outer edges of your pinkies and thumbs come together and where you keep the bottom of your hand palms pressed together. Gift yourself a couple of minutes, close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel the subtle energy flow of this Lotus LOVE mudra vibrate through your beingness.

Allow this Lotus LOVE mudra to support you to balance your heart chakra, consciously infusing more frequencies of compassion, bliss, joy, LOVE, harmony, and kindness into your present moment.

Day 7 | Live call 15 September 2022 | Rose Flame Purification 

As you choose LOVE it also shows you the places in our field, body, and life where you are not yet allowing LOVE in.
When you become aware of a slower vibration, a trigger there is an opportunity for accelerated growth and expansion. It is not about the story, it is about discovering the root energy of what is being presented so you can purify it back into LOVE and Oneness. This is a journey of deeply re-membering your soul essence and awakening the gifts and talents you hold within your Soul blueprint that can support your evolutionary journey within this lifetime but also beyond time and space. Much LOVE, Kim 

DAY 11 | Live call 19 September 2022 | Re-calibration | Cocoon of (Self+)Love

Day 11 of the challenge is a moment of re-calibration, as we are in the middle of this sacred 21-day journey together it is good to anchor all the higher vibrational LOVE frequencies you already received, so they become your new 'norm'. So they become your new setpoint on where you can embody even more LOVE. This powerful transmission guides you into a cocoon of (Self)LOVE reflection, reminding you of the power and potency that is within you! And as we come together, we amplify the field of LOVE within and around, supporting all of us to elevate even more quickly into higher states of LOVE-consciousness where more of our superpowers and higher vibrational (ancient) wisdom comes available, because we are becoming a vibrational match.

Where two or more are gathered magic is created, that is one of the powerful keys of these sacred journeys, all of us consistently choosing LOVE and raising our vibration, let us re-unite in sacred sister- and brotherhood, when we join together in LOVE transformations happens even more quickly. 

Let us transform the world one LOVE spark at a time, starting within!  

Much LOVE, Kim 

DAY 14 | Live call 22 September 2022 (new) | New Moon intention | Rise Rise Rise

As we enter the energetic window of the new moon, what do you desire to create? Manifest? Experience? Gift yourself time to become clear, what is your intention? When you go through your day I invite you to become consciously aware of your conversations, your thoughts, and actions if they contribute to this intention.

Allow the Rising frequencies of this transmission to support you in the manifestations of your intention in the most joyful and love-filled way. As you raise your vibration more of your Magic comes available. Held within the field of LOVE, resistance falls away supporting you to go with the stream of life. When you then have a clear intention it is co-creating with the infinite possibilities within the field of LOVE-consciousness.

Enjoy this time of creation and elevation! And trust that the desires you have, how big they may seem from your human perspective, are there for a reason! Time to take your deep desires seriously as they are guiding you in the direction of your highest calling.

Rise, Rise, Rise, and BE your Radiance!

Much LOVE, Kim 

DAY 19 | Live call 27 September 2022 Connect with the field of Loves Oneness

Allow yourself to be surrounded by the Loving and Nourishing energies of the field of the Flower of Love. Gifting yourself a moment to be present in the NOW. Aware of your body, your field, and your emotions and giving them the love and acknowledgment they desire to shift into the light. Co-create with the field of Love-Consciousness to transform the slower vibrations in your field that are ready to be transformed and elevate into higher states of consciousness. As you consciously keep raising your vibration, more of your essence comes online. As this is truly a journey of deeply remembering, connecting to your Seed of Creation so that your uniqueness can blossom. Give yourself this gift of elevation, connecting to the field of Loves Oneness and allowing that to become your new way of being. First remembering and then from a state of overflow radiate, this Loves Oneness everywhere you go, through your beingness! 

Enjoy your beautiful Love filled day, 

Much LOVE, Kim 

DAY 21 | Live call 29 September 2022 (new) Closing Ceremony | Weaving a field of Love | Love Centered Superpowers

Thank you for being on this 21-day Love challenge, for choosing you and consciously connecting to the field of Love-Consciousness, raising your vibration, awakening deeper wisdom within you to live your Radiance that is your biggest contribution! All the different transmissions and tools over the last 21-days have supported you to connect with LOVE in many different ways and to discover how tapping into the field of Love-consciousness more moments in your day can transform your life in the most delightful and magical ways. Through your own experiences you have discovered you have a choice in each and every moment, do I believe the fear or the truth that Love holds. By consistently coming back to Love these 21-days you have already shifted so much energy and slowly (sometimes very quickly) this will ripple out into your physical world and experiences.

Within this closing ceremony we gather together from all over the world, connected to the field of Love-Consciousness, centered within, energetically sharing our experiences and our growth, by that contributing in weaving an even more powerful field of Love. This transmission supports you to awaken within you the deep remembering of the power that Love holds. For a moment it allows you to experience the centeredness of Love within your core and the power, awakening a deep remembering within your self and being. Through you experiencing this, it awakens a new spiral of deep desire and lets you feel what is possible when you are tapped into Love. The best way for you to embody something is through you experiencing it. Enjoy this powerful closing ceremony transmission for our 21-days together. 

These 21-days were just the beginning and I would like to invite you to join us for these Love (R)Evolutionary journeys.

See you there,

much LOVE, Kim 

3. Energetic LOVE Meditations / Activations  

> Morning LOVE meditation

Before you get up, take these couple of minutes to align yourself with LOVE with this laser-focused LOVE infusion meditation to start your day and set your field with the energies you desire to infuse throughout your day.

> Evening gratitude and LOVE meditation

Before you go to sleep, take these couple of minutes to release your day and invite LOVE to also infuse and co-create with you during the night. 

4. Practical LOVE Tools and Steps 

> Daily Mantra’s

I want to invite you to use this mantra’s throughout your day. You can do this in whatever way feels aligned to you. Throughout your day consciously; say them inwardly, use the power of your voice and speak them out loud or maybe sing them like a lullaby. As the conscious co-creator of your life, choose LOVE, which can already be as ‘simple’ as using these mantras throughout your day.
     ♥ I choose LOVE
     ♥ I am LOVE
     ♥ I LOVE
     ♥ LOVE is everywhere

   ♥ I’m accepting myself (and others) with LOVE
The world constantly blesses me with LOVE
My world is a world of LOVE
I am grateful for all the LOVE in my life

> Morning LOVE invocation

Each morning when you wake up, start your day with this powerful LOVE invocation.

As this new day rises I invoke the energy of LOVE to enlighten my day. I consciously choose to connect with the Flower of LOVE, and invite this field of Love Consciousness, to awaken deepening codes of LOVE within my divine blueprint now. Infusing sparks of LOVE in every part of my being, my body, my field, my connections, my expressions, and the experiences of this beautiful day ahead. I am so grateful for the LOVE blessings I receive every day and I am looking forward to discovering how the universe is going to surprise me today with even more LOVE. Today I am choosing LOVE. I am choosing to be LOVE and spread LOVE everywhere I go. Because I am LOVE. I am LOVE. I am LOVE.

> Some daily reflection questions

How can you infuse more LOVE in your everyday experiences, in every action and every conversation? Spreading LOVE can already be as simple as greeting a stranger on the street, but also by consciously choosing to not respond to a trigger, rather taking a moment in stillness to recenter within yourself and then from this recentered space respond. What more ways can you think of to be more LOVE-ing to yourself and others?

Maybe these questions can support you;
     ♥ What act of Self-LOVE and Self-care am I gifting myself today?
     ♥ Is what I am doing LOVE-ing to me and others?
     ♥ How can I be more LOVE-ing in my interactions with others?
     ♥ How can I infuse more LOVE in my conversations?
     ♥ What would LOVE do now?
     ♥ In this moment of a trigger, do I choose fear or LOVE?
     ♥ What do I LOVE doing?
     ♥ What parts of my life can I let more LOVE in?

As you go through your day try to be aware, not judge, but when you notice you are spiraling in a direction that is not LOVE, choose to redirect your energy - towards LOVE.

> Before you go to bed

Take a moment to write down (at least) three LOVE-ing things you were the most grateful for from your LOVE-filled day.

> Use music as a tool to raise your vibration 

5. Facebook Community 

You can join and connect with each other here FACEBOOK COMMUNITY  

6. My new book - Activating the Flower of Love

Activating the Flower of Love: A Sacred Guide to Manifesting your Deepest Desires and Highest Calling.

Is your heart calling out to you, inviting you to take the next step in serving your life's mission? In Activating the Flower of Love, you will embark on a sacred journey, partnering with the frequencies and codes of the Flower of Love—the creative feminine power of the Flower of Life.

This journey will support you in moving through any self-doubt or limiting beliefs so you may powerfully express your authentic inner self with confidence and clarity. Through potent activations, visualizations, and exercises you will be guided and inspired to transcend fear, deepen into the love for yourself, and step into the beauty of living your most extraordinary expression of self. From this grace-filled place of wholeness, you will learn how to easily manifest your desires around career, love, relationships, and finances. Now is the time to step into the fullness of who you are and co-create the life you have always wanted to lead.

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