Getting started

Hello beautiful soul! I want to celebrate you for listening to your inner calling to join this sacred space! Before we dive into this Sacred Journey take a moment to celebrate your YES, yes to yourself, LOVE and your next level. 

On this page, you will find everything you need for this Sacred Journey (program).

By joining this program, you agree (and have read) to Kimness Guidelines and Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions, please contact me at hello@kimness.nl .

Intention and Deepest Desires

Welcome to the transformative journey of the Flower of LOVE Body Activation. As you embark on this sacred path, I invite you to set your intentions for our time together, allowing your deepest desires to guide your experience.

Take a moment to reflect on what you hope to awaken, discover, and create through this profound journey. In this Sacred Space, your clear intentions become a powerful signal to your Higher Self and the Universe. Declare, "This is what I want and desire." Trust that your intentions will be supported by the multidimensional frequencies and vibrations present in this moment, working for your highest and best good.

Open your journal and write down your intention. Why did you say YES to joining this transformative experience? Embrace the power of your intention as it sets the stage for the unfolding of your unique journey.

Now, let us explore your deepest desires. What do you long to manifest, create, and contribute in this moment? Allow your desires to flow onto the pages of your journal, both tangible manifestations and profound states of being. Envision moments of joy, connectedness, love, abundance, and clarity about your life's purpose. Without judgment, write freely until your desires have been expressed in their entirety. Think big, dream boldly, and let your words paint the vivid tapestry of the life you desire.

Embrace this sacred space of self-reflection and intention-setting. Trust that the Flower of LOVE Body Activation will serve as a catalyst to manifest your deepest desires and ignite the path to your most authentic and fulfilling life.

Welcome, dear soul, to a journey of profound transformation, manifestation, and limitless potential.

Before and after the Activation

Before the transmission, from the very moment you say YES, the seeds of transformation are already being planted within you. The clarity of your intentions amplifies the power of these transformations, as you boldly claim what you want for your journey ahead. Embrace the knowing that your intentions hold immense creative energy and set the stage for profound shifts to unfold.

During this profound multidimensional transmission, whether you choose to join us live or experience it through the replay, you will immerse yourself in transformative portals co-created with your Higher Self and Team of Light and Love. Every time you engage with this transmission, the deep remembrance codes within you will be activated, igniting new pathways of expansion and growth. Trust in the wisdom and guidance of your Higher Self and Team of Light and Love as they intimately understand your individual needs in each and every moment, leading you towards your ultimate well-being and highest potential.

As your LOVE body is being Activated, I invite you to cultivate compassion for yourself. Old emotions may surface, and it is important to lovingly acknowledge them without judgment. Simply allow them to be present, knowing that they arise for release, making space for more light to permeate your being. Writing down these emotions can be a helpful practice, allowing you to externalize and let go of what no longer serves you. Once written, release the form, symbolizing the release of those emotions.

Take notice of the subtle shifts unfolding within your reality. Observe moments where you respond differently than before, the beautiful synchronicities that grace your path, and the ongoing transformations that continue to shape your journey.

After the activation, take a moment to journal your reflections. What shifted within you? What awakened? How will you embody your transformation and show up differently in the world? Listen to the calling of your heart as you manifest your desires and step into your authentic power. Write down all that arises, capturing the essence of your evolving journey.

Embrace the transformative power of this sacred LOVE activation, knowing that each and every moment holds the potential for profound change. With compassion, awareness, and intention, you will continue to blossom into the radiant being of LOVE that you are destined to be.

Details to join live call 

Please mark your calender and check your timezone: 

Date:      8 October 2023

Time:      7.00 PM CET / Amsterdam (timezone converter)

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes

Zoom link to join live call: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/89252263943 

Important Note for Live Participation: If you plan to join the Activation life, please ensure that you enter the Zoom room at least 5 minutes before the scheduled start time. Once the call begins, I will close my eyes and focus solely on the energy and channeling process of the Activation, which means I won't be able to accept requests to join the Zoom room. 


Before we begin, I want to share some practical details with you:

  • I recommend using headphones for the best sound transmission and creating a quiet space for yourself where you won't be disturbed.
  • It's essential to make sure you're nice and warm and to try to relax for a few minutes before the sacred transmission, you can do this by putting your hands on your heart and breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth a couple of times.
  • If you desire to join live, make sure to log in via Zoom 5 minutes before the scheduled time, the moment I start the Activation I close my eyes and do not open them anymore until the channeling is complete.  
  • Also, please make sure you have Zoom on your computer up and running. If you do not have Zoom yet – make sure you download Zoom and try it prior to our session, link for Android / Apple  / Desktop

Flower of LOVE body Activation replay 

We will provide you with an audio recording of the transformative Activation part of the live call. This recording will be placed here within 24 hours after the live call. Please note that the recording will focus solely on the Activation itself, excluding the prior and after talk to honor the privacy and personal shares of each participant. We want to create a safe and sacred space for everyone's journey.

Awakened Love Playlist 

A mix of inspirational and empowering music to dance, feel, and connect.  

Thank you

I feel honored and look forward to share this sacred LOVE space with you! By saying YES, you have taken a powerful step towards unlocking the boundless potential that resides within you.

As you deepen, I invite you to remain connected to the essence of LOVE that flows through every fiber of your being. Let LOVE support you to tune into the depths of your being, allowing the beauty of your true Self to unfold effortlessly. Embrace the LOVE that you are and let it radiate in all areas of your life.

Thank you for embarking on this sacred Love Body Activation with me. May your journey be filled with profound shifts, limitless possibilities, and an abundance of LOVE.

With LOVE and blessings, 


Come join the deepening spiral of LOVE

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Your Sacred Guide


Kim is a visionary on a mission to open the hearts and minds of millions to re-connect to Love, to awaken their Inner Wisdom and Divine Spark. As a Sacred Architect, Cosmic Channel, and Akashic Records Master, she utilizes her skills to amplify the divine potential within others at lightning speed, empowering them to navigate rapidly changing times, manifest their desires, and fulfill their true purpose fueled by Love.

Two-time international best-selling author and Founder of the Flower of Love mystery school lineage, she channels the teachings of Divine Love, anchoring higher vibrational codes to facilitate Earth's conscious evolution, guiding others on a transformative journey to unleash their boundless potential.

Kim's own experiences, including loss, burnout, and chronic illness, have shaped her into a fearless mentor. She has delved into the depths of her being, reclaiming lost fragments along the way. This wisdom, gained through embodied experiences, enables her to compassionately meet others in their shadows and recognize the transformative power within discomfort.

When not guiding and co-creating, Kim finds joy in cherishing moments with her husband and two girls, spending time with family and friends, scribing her next channeled books, immersing herself in nature, and embarking on journeys to spiritual sites worldwide. She is an ever-evolving student of life and these sacred codes of Love, continuously anchoring and embodying higher templates of consciousness to support Earth's (R)Evolution.

These endeavors align her with her purpose, inspiring others to embrace their limitless potential through the transformative power of Love.