Thank you for joining this sacred Love Language Activation journey - Six petals of Heart-Centered Living

Six Petals of Heart-Centered Living

Welcome within this sacred space! So excited you are joining the Love Language Activation journey, where we gather from all over the world to ignite more Love within ourselves, the collective and beyond.

Love is a superpower and you have abundant access to it.

When you desire change, it starts within, you hold all the power, wisdom, and magic to create your unique heaven on earth now!

As with everything you do, the moment you say YES a lot of energy already starts to shift in the multidimensional parts of you in co-creation with your Higher Self and team of Light and Love.

Getting started

Set your Intention

As we are about to start this sacred journey together, I would like to invite you to write down your intention and desire for this sacred inner journey. As with everything you do, the clearer your intention the better your Higher Self, Mother Earth and the Universe can guide and support you.

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Enjoy this beautiful (inner) LOVE journey,

Much Love,


Module 1 Heart Chakra Activation and Alignment

Welcome to the first module of the LOVE Language Activation journey.

First step, before you tune into this powerful Heart Chakra Alignment Activation Transmission, I invite you to connect again to your intention for this sacred journey and to use the power of your voice and speak your intention out loud, in this way consciously aligning your energy and inviting your higher Self and team of Light and LOVE to support you in the most aligned way.

Before you start, make sure you are in a quiet space where you can be undisturbed and fully present with this sacred transmission. Allow yourself the time to immerse yourself in its frequencies and Divine LOVE codes to fully receive what you are meant to recieve in this now moment for your highest and best good and all involved.

This multidimensional transmission is infused with high vibrational LOVE codes, light language, and sacred geometry, co-creating with your higher self to support you in your journey of growth and expansion. Each time you listen to it, you deepen your connection and receive further codes from this multidimensional experience. Your higher self knows what it desires to receive in each and every moment for your highest and best good, encompassing all beings involved.

After listening to the transmission, take some time to journey within yourself. Write down everything that comes to mind, even the smallest things, as sometimes what may seem insignificant in the moment can later hold significant meaning on your evolutionary LOVE journey.

Embrace and cherish these sacred LOVE CODES as they guide you along your path. Allow them to unfold their wisdom within you and witness the transformative power of LOVE in your life.

May this journey bring you closer to your true essence and expand your capacity to give and receive LOVE in all its forms.

Enjoy this profound experience of awakening and may it bring you the deepest fulfillment and joy on your sacred journey of LOVE.

Module 1  Heart Chakra Activation and Alignment – after

Reflecting on this first Heart Chakra Alignment Activation Transmission, what awakend within you? What sparked? What did you body share? What energy could you become aware of? What guidance? What insights arose during this profound experience?

As we delved into the realms of energy, it is crucial to continue supporting your physical body as it integrates and elevates. My advice is to hydrate yourself with pure water and nourish your body with fresh fruits and vegetables. These choices will provide the essential nourishment your body needs during this integration process.

To further assist in grounding and integrating these energies, I recommend engaging in movement and spending time in nature. Dancing and moving your body allows for a harmonious flow of energy, while immersing yourself in nature helps you connect with the Earth's grounding forces.

Embracing more LOVE in your life may bring forth situations, triggers, or areas that call for unconditional LOVE. It is important to understand that this does not indicate a step backward; instead, it signifies your elevation, growth, and expansion.

You are expanding your capacity to give and receive LOVE, and thus, these situations present themselves as opportunities for further growth and understanding.

I invitie you to approach your emotions, triggers, activations, elevations with LOVE and compassion. Embrace them as integral parts of your journey, allowing them to teach and guide you.

Writing down your thoughts and feelings can be a valuable tool for processing and integrating these energies, providing clarity and deeper insights.

Furthermore, the Kimness Academy offers some free meditations that can provide additional support on your path. Feel free to explore these resources as you continue your journey of LOVE activation and self-discovery.

Embrace the shifts and transformations that have been ignited within you, for they are the building blocks of your evolution.

As you embody more LOVE , may your life be filled with profound growth, joy, and a deep connection to the boundless wellspring of LOVE that resides within your heart.

Module 2 Six Petals of Heart-Centered Living

Welcome to the second module and life call of our LOVE Language Activation journey. This recording is a beautiful combination of understanding for the mind, knowing and experiencing for the heart, and anchoring through journaling. Each petal represents a key quality that we can develop within ourselves to live in greater alignment with the vibration of LOVE .

In Module 1, you received a Heart Chakra Activation, aligning your energy field with the vibration of LOVE . However, it is not enough to only experience these higher vibrational states during meditation. The next phase of your evolutionary journey invites you to infuse LOVE into every aspect of your life.

By becoming more connected to ourselves and others, we open ourselves up to greater fulfillment and joy. Trusting ourselves and the universe, being open to new experiences and ideas, loving ourselves and others unconditionally, practicing empathy and compassion, and focusing on gratitude and abundance are all integral aspects of heart-centered living.

The brain seeks to understand this elevation, ensuring that we feel safe and do not trigger fight, flight, or freeze responses. As you integrate these teachings, you will not only transform your own life, but also contribute to a world filled with LOVE , compassion, and joy. You will experience deep spiritual healing, connection, and fulfillment in your life.

LOVE can support you in finding wisdom within triggers and challenges. Learning to tap into and connect with the energy of LOVE that exists within and around you is a powerful tool. Remember, everything is energy, and the power of your thoughts, feelings, words, actions, voice, and writing can shape your reality.

Now, let us dive into the six core aspects of heart-centered living, represented by the petals of this journey. Each petal offers an opportunity for understanding, feeling, and anchoring:

  • LOVE : At the core of heart-centered living is unconditional LOVE . Begin with self-acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion. Practice self-love by caring for your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Embrace LOVE as a guiding force in your life.
  • Trust: Trusting in yourself and the universe is essential for opening the flow of LOVE and abundance. Listen to your intuition, step out of your comfort zone, and have faith in the bigger plan even when things don't go as planned.
  • Joy: Experience more joy, laughter, and playfulness in your life. Embrace activities and passions that bring you joy, as they guide you towards your highest calling.
  • Forgiveness: Let go of grudges and resentments to experience greater freedom and release emotional blockages. Practice forgiveness towards yourself and others, allowing light and movement to enter your life.
  • Gratitude: Cultivate a positive mindset by focusing on blessings, no matter how small. Gratitude acts as a bridge between lower and higher vibrations, elevating your energy and attracting more positivity into your life.
  • Compassion: Develop compassion for yourself and others. Connect with others on a deeper level, holding yourself and those around you with LOVE and understanding.

As we journey through these petals, we will combine understanding with the mind, feeling with the heart, and anchor our experiences through journaling. Each petal holds transformative potential, guiding us closer to a heart-centered existence.

Remember, it is not just about knowledge; it is about living and being the example of LOVE . As you activate deeper layers within your heart chakra and align more with the vibration of LOVE , anything that is not LOVE will naturally come to the surface. This is not meant to scar you, but rather to offer the most rewarding, fulfilling, and abundant path. It may not always be easy, but it is important to choose LOVE in each and every moment, especially during challenging times.

To support your growth, I encourage you to check out the workbook in video and PDF format. For each petal, choose at least one tool that resonates with you and practice it daily for the next week. Observe how these shifts manifest in your life as you commit to developing these key qualities within yourself.

This is a commitment to your personal growth and evolution.

By choosing to live in greater alignment with the vibration of LOVE , you are embarking on a profound journey of transformation. Embrace the petals, cultivate LOVE within yourself, and watch as your world transforms with radiant LOVE , compassion, and joy.

Workbook Six Petals of Heartcentered Living

Let us embark on a journey of self-discovery, transformation, and love through the exploration of the Six Petals of Heart-Centered Living and the empowering meditations, exercises, and practices within this workbook.

Discover the magic of Heart-Centered Living!

Download Six Petals of Heart-Centered Living Workbook now >>>

You can also watch the 'workbook' via the video below.

Module 2 Experience Poem

While preparing for Module 2, a beautiful writing was inspirerd which I would like to share with you here:

"I am deeply immersed in the realm of experiencing,

For the mind seeks understanding, the heart yearns for feeling,

And through journaling, I anchor the wisdom that is unfolding.

In the realm of the mind, I seek knowledge and comprehension,

Unraveling the mysteries that lie within, embracing the expansion.

I delve into thoughts, concepts, and ideas, seeking to understand,

Allowing my mind to navigate the realms of wisdom, hand in hand.

But it is through the heart, the seat of profound knowing,

That I truly connect to the depths of my being, the essence ever-flowing.

Feelings guide me to truths that surpass the realm of the mind,

Intuition and empathy become my compass, gently aligned.

And when the journey of understanding and feeling finds its way,

I turn to journaling, a sacred practice, day by day.

Ink upon paper, I weave the tapestry of my soul's story,

Anchoring the insights, revelations, and moments of glory.

Through experiencing, I dance between the mind and the heart,

Allowing the interplay of understanding and feeling to impart

The wisdom that shapes and defines my path, unique and true,

A tapestry of knowledge, emotions, and reflections, ever anew.

For I am all about experiencing, embracing the divine flow,

Where understanding serves the mind, feeling lights the glow,

And journaling anchors the journey, a testament to my soul's growth,

In this grand tapestry of life, where infinite possibilities both unfurl and weave their tale."

Enjoy the divine spiral of understanding, knowing, and anchoring these LOVE codes in deepening ways.

Module 3 Integration and Recalibration

Gratitude fills my heart as I express my deepest appreciation to you for simply being you! Your unwavering presence, guided by your higher Self, throughout this transformative journey, is a testament to your profound commitment to self-growth, love, and expansion. Thank you for showing up for yourself and consciously choosing the path of love.

Through your sacred "YES," you have embraced the opportunity to interact with these multidimensional LOVE codes, whether live or through the replay. This conscious choice holds immense power to ignite transformation and elevate every facet of your being. It is through this interaction that you unlock the keys to your own expansion and embrace the limitless potential that resides within you.

Last Transmission - Pearl of Oneness

The last transmission we shared was nothing short of extraordinary. It connected us to the pearl of oneness, the books of expansion, the sacred frequencies of Venus, and LOVE, all working harmoniously to elevate your vibration into higher states of LOVE. In this process, your very cells and DNA are being awakened to a deep re-membrance of your divine essence.

As you continue to ascend, not only does your life undergo a profound transformation, but the templates of LOVE that you interact with also elevate. From your home to your work, from your community to the world at large, you radiate the powerful energy of LOVE, becoming a beacon of light and inspiration.

Now, it is time to embark on the next level of your expansion. This initiatory Love Language Activation sacred spiral journey has reached its completion, opening the doors to a deeper exploration of LOVE in profound and new ways.

Together, we will forge a cohesive field, aligned to LOVE , from which you can create the life your heart desires, grounded in the unshakable foundation of LOVE

Come join the deepening spiral of LOVE:

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Embrace this opportunity to deepen your connection with LOVE, to anchor it within your being, and to radiate it outwards, illuminating your path and inspiring others.

Thank you for your presence, your willingness to grow, and your unwavering commitment to LOVE.

Together, let us create a empowering ripple of LOVE.

Your Sacred Guide


Hi! I'm Kim. It's wonderful to connect with you. I'm a Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and the Founder of the Flower of Love Lineage. I am a two-time international best-selling author and also the host of the Soul Love podcast. My main mission? To help beautiful Souls like you see just how much the power of Love can transform your life.

I'm all about helping you reconnect with your inner Wisdom so you can create the life you truly desire. As a Sacred teacher, I'll be there to guide you through change, turn your dreams into reality, and uncover your true purpose—all with Love leading the way.

Now, I won't lie—my own journey has had its share of challenges, from loss to burnout to illness. But every hurdle has only made me more compassionate and understanding. And that's what drives me to help other beautiful Souls find happiness again.

I live in the Netherlands with my husband and two amazing daughters. When I'm not coaching or speaking, you'll find me soaking up nature or exploring Sacred Sites around the world.  I'm committed to continual growth, to embody Love in its purest form and spread its transformative power wherever I go. Let's embark on this journey together.