Getting started

On this platform, you will find everything you need for this online workshop. 

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On this page you will find:

  1. Celebrate your YES
  2. Set your intention
  3. Cosmic Sound Morning Audio
  4. Transmission 1 - Release & Connect 
  5. Expression home play exercise
  6. Transmission 2 - Your Unique Vibration

1. Celebrate your YES

Before we dive into this amazing transformative journey, take the time to celebrate your YES. Because you said a powerful YES to yourself when you decided to join this workshop! Take a moment to feel that! To be with that and to acknowledge yourself for listening to your inner calling to more fully activate your authentic self-expression.

2. Intention

As we are about to start this sacred journey together, I would like to invite you to write down your intention and desire for our online time together. As with everything you do, the more clear your intention the better the Universe can support you and the more energy you put in the more you receive. There is no right or wrong way to do this, it is your journey and your life. Transformation already starts the moment you say YES to a new adventure.

3. Cosmic Sound Morning Audio

These cosmic sounds support you to connect to your unique signature energy. We suggest that you, for at least one week, listen to this audio before you start your day.

Consciously connecting with Mother Earth, Father Sky, and your unique signature energy. Being present in the now-moment and just receiving the gift of being. You came here to be and express your uniqueness, time to re-member and re-activate your unique signature energy.

While listening to these Cosmic Sound stay connected to Mother Earth and Father Sky through the infinite loop, in that way your signature energy gets grounded and connected with all the different dimensions of you.

We suggest being in the energy of discovering playfulness as you go through this workshop.

Audio is about 4 minutes

4. Transmission 1 - Release & Connect

Reclaiming your authentic voice starts with awareness about how you are choosing to translate the energy you receive. Because in each and every moment you are translating energy into expression; through your words, your actions, your writing, music, dancing and body movement and so on.

But ever expression starts with receiving energy / inspiration. Most of the time you are doing this subconsciously but within this journey we are inviting you to become conscious aware.

Your voice is a powerful tool of creation, that brings energy into movement. So with your words you are influencing the field around you. Your words hold a certain vibration that attract simulair vibrations, the law of attraction. Now that you have become more aware of it, what do you choose to create each and every day through your spoken word? What do you speak about? Is it beauty, thankfulness and your dreams and desires? Or are it more conversations about fear, lack, gossip and experiences out of your past?

So expression starts with receiving and then allowing the energy to flow through your body and tune in what the most aligned way is to express this energy, not from the ego-mind but from the heart.

This first part of our journey together is to release the layers f illusion and distortion that are currently holding you back of fully connecting to your authentic expression, to the essence of you. So that when you then express (speak, write, move your body, and so on) it is from this strong connectedness within. When you communicate from this sacred space, from your divine truth, your expression holds so much more transformation and manifestation power.

So for now, make sure you are in a quiet space and then you can start this transmission. Your Higher Self and team of Love and Light know what you need to receive out of these multidimensional frequencies and vibrations for your highest and best good and all involved.

For the next few days take a moment in silence for a couple of minutes a day, tune into the energy of your core, your authentic energy, and feel how it wants to be expressed. And then allow yourself the gift of expression without judgement, without it needing to be perfect, just being in this co-creative moment with yourself. Utilizing your beauty vessel to bring energy into movement inspired from within. When your eyes are closed, what comes through you? Does it desire stillness? Or Singing? Moving your body? Drawing? Or other creative ways to express this energy?

I would suggest to take a couple of days in between the transmission, for integration but also to grow your awareness on how you express yourself on a daily basis. As this journey is also about getting to know your Self, reconnecting with your authenticity. It first starts with remembering. 

5. Expression home play exercise

Preparation, before you enter the sacred space of this transmission make sure you have some creative materials available to you like a pen, paper, colors, paint, musical instrument, and maybe your phone to record words or sounds that come through.

This 9-minute creation cycle transmission contains two parts. The first part supports you to connect with Mother Earth, Father Sky, and the Creator Energy, guiding you into your sacred womb, to recieve the divine inspiration energy and allowing it to build momentum for creation.

The second part of this transmission is being transmitted in the silence, where you are being asked to let this creation energy rise through the sacred portals of your body into form in any way that feels joyful and playful for you; through writing, drawing, singing, dancing, expressing sound and light language or any other form that is aligned for you in this now moment. As you are in the silent part of this transmission, you are being supported with cosmic sounds, sacred geometry, and other frequencies and vibrations of divine creation.

We suggest that you schedule a moment a day, for at least one week, to connect with these creation energies. So you each day create a conscious moment of deeply connecting, divinely receiving, and then joyfully expressing*. You will notice the more you choose to be in this space, the more you recieve and the more you will be able to express. From this strong loving, nurturing, and connected space.

*remember it is not hard work, it is just allowing, do not push yourself and judge yourself when nothing comes. You choosing to be in this receiving and transmitting energy vibration, already creates huge transformation. Because as you are within the energy container of this transmission, you are co-creating with the energies of divine creation, through your beingness. It is often the ego-mind that wants it in a certain way. Your choosing to embody these divine creation codes already creates so much momentum and ripple. In its divine time, it will become more clear. Trust, surrender and just be in the joyful creation! One moment a lot will come and another moment the essence is being in the silence. Learn to be ok with all that wants to be and wants to be expressed! Being mindful of what is the most optimal in each and every moment, sometimes that is expressing and sometimes that is beingness! Because you ‘beingness’ is also a way of expressing, where a lot happens on the multidimensional levels of you and your physical body facilitates that through being in this connected state.

Audio is about 10 minutes

6. Transmission 2 - Your Unique Vibration 

This transmission guides you to tune into the field and discover what most aligned way it wants to be expressed. Make sure you are in a quiet place where you feel comfortable to express yourself in any way that you feel inspired to do in that now moment, like; singing, dancing, or hand movements. 

Before you start to listen to this transmission I would invite you to find a beautiful song you like to dance on and dance like nobody is watching with your eyes closed. Connect with your body, with your movement, coming back to the here and now and when you have done that go sit back down, start this transmission and close your eyes. Just follow your inner guidance on what you receive.

It is all about strengthening your connection to translate the energies you receive. To trust your inner guidance and the potency that is within you. 

Enjoy this beautiful transmission. 

Thank you for joining this online initiatory journey

hope to see you soon in one of the live group programs

Much love Kim