Thank you for joining this sacred Love Language Activation journey - Six petals of Heart-Centered Living

All your course content is in the Kimness Academy, as you joined via New Earth One Network, please follow these 3 steps below to access this sacred journey. 

Step 1

Go to: https://kimness.nl/product/six-petals-of-heart-centered-living/ and add this product to 'your card'. 

Then use the coupon code TME73878

NOTE: This is a special NEO coupon code, that can only be used for this sacred journey.

Then 'proceed to checkout'

Step 2

On the checkout page, fill in the details and insert a password to create your account to the Kimness Academy.

This will automaticly create an account to the Kimness Academy where you can access this sacred journey and also some other free meditations and activations. 

As you already paid via the NEO platform, you can place the order and then you will automaticly have access to this sacred journey. 

Step 3

If you then go to the Kimness Academy you can access all you need for this sacred journey. 

Looking forward to seeing you soon, enjoy this empowering love journey!

Much love and blessings,


If there are any question about this or you desire support to create your account, feel free to connect via hello@kimness.nl 

Your Sacred Guide


Kim is a visionary on a mission to open the hearts and minds of millions to re-connect to Love, to awaken their Inner Wisdom and Divine Spark. As a Sacred Architect, Cosmic Channel, and Akashic Records Master, she utilizes her skills to amplify the divine potential within others at lightning speed, empowering them to navigate rapidly changing times, manifest their desires, and fulfill their true purpose fueled by Love.

Two-time international best-selling author and Founder of the Flower of Love mystery school lineage, she channels the teachings of Divine Love, anchoring higher vibrational codes to facilitate Earth's conscious evolution, guiding others on a transformative journey to unleash their boundless potential.

Kim's own experiences, including loss, burnout, and chronic illness, have shaped her into a fearless mentor. She has delved into the depths of her being, reclaiming lost fragments along the way. This wisdom, gained through embodied experiences, enables her to compassionately meet others in their shadows and recognize the transformative power within discomfort.

When not guiding and co-creating, Kim finds joy in cherishing moments with her husband and two girls, spending time with family and friends, scribing her next channeled books, immersing herself in nature, and embarking on journeys to spiritual sites worldwide. She is an ever-evolving student of life and these sacred codes of Love, continuously anchoring and embodying higher templates of consciousness to support Earth's (R)Evolution.

These endeavors align her with her purpose, inspiring others to embrace their limitless potential through the transformative power of Love.