We live in a transforming time, a lot is changing in the world around us and in our inner world. The energies of this moment also give us more opportunities to further develop our own spiritual gifts. To be able to live more and more from your heart and soul.

Where can you use the light and love tapping for?

We all have an invisible energy bubble around us, containing all of our experiences and energies of ourselves, the people around us, family systems, collective fields, past lives, and so on. By being more and more light and love you will get an increasingly radiant energy bubble. When your energy bubble starts to shine more, you will also manifest and attract more beautiful things in your life. What your energy bubble radiates you attract in your experiences.

Sometimes we also attract situations that are less pleasant or that affect us deeply. This means that somewhere in our energy bubble, another energy resonates with this negative experience. This can mirror energy from a conscious event in this life, but much more often it is reflections of unconscious lower energies in your energy bubble. These can be energies from, for example, family patterns, collective systems, or even from past lives.

In an earlier article, I explained the concept of the Ho’oponopono. This is a method that allows you to convert heavier energies in your energy bubble into light and love. 

Do you have a very specific situation or a specific person where you continuously get mirrored things you would rather see differently, then the light and love tapping is another beautiful way to convert this energy.

How does light and love tapping work?

  1. Draw a circle with your name on the left side of your paper
  2. Draw a circle on the right side of the paper containing the name/group / situation where you would love the energy to shift
  3. In the middle, you draw a radiant heart and star, a symbol of light and love
  4. Then close your eyes and see that person/group / situation in front of you, feel the emotion and send light and love to it, trust that just by your intention it is already happening
  5. When you have done this, start tapping on the heart and star in the center of the paper until you feel the energy getting lighter

Your heart and soul know very well how to transform these situations, it is learning to trust your inner voice and see it as growing. What else can I learn from this situation? What does it reflect me? Not to dive in and analyze it completely. Just to feel, what would I DO want? And to give you opportunities, so that when a situation like that arises, you have a different way of dealing with it and you can break the “negative” cycle.

When you feel this emotion again in the future, you start tapping. Through this symbol, you make the conscious choice to step out of the negative cycle and react differently. You clearly indicate your intentions in which everything is already set in motion. Your brain/ego often wants something that it can understand and tapping helps with that because it is concrete action. The idea that you are actually doing something physical to change the situation.

Know that you already have all the wisdom in you! Embrace the sometimes unpleasant situations because they show you where you can still transform something to start living more and more from your heart and soul!

Because you are light and love ♥♥♥

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