Come join me and other woman in this sacred space of the Rising Feminine and let us together invoke our inner radiance, beauty, wisdom and life force energy! Calling upon the Divine Mother, Sacred Feminine and Inner Child within to rise together, as soul sisters. Let us together celebrate, love and embrace all aspects of being a woman. 

"Each time woman gather in circles with one another, the world heals a little more" - Unknown

Let us come together to share, dance, meditate, sing and deeply connect with ourselves and with each other. Sharing Sacred Cacao, while we activate the healing vibrations of our heart's to release eons of blame, shame and illusion so we can stand even more firmly in our Feminine Power to awaken our Life Force Energy or sacred Shakti. 

The world needs your RADIANCE that will inspire, touch and uplift the hearts of all you come in contact with.

YOU being YOU is your unique contribution, YOU-NESS! 


✓ to find your voice and reclaim your power

✓ to (re-)connect with your feminine and sensual energy

✓ to invoke deep (womb) healing

✓ to ground and feel safe


It is amazing to be a woman! Time to deeply remember and come together in sacred space to reclaim more of our infinite wisdom and our power to create. Using our Divine Feminine Magic to create positive LOVE ripples that will change our (inner) world. 

Ready to reclaim your FEMININE RADIANCE? 

Then this is my sacred invitation to you!

Want to receive an notification as soon as the next date is available, email me at and I will place you on the Woman Circle list.

Practical information

Date | Next date(s) will follow soon  

Time | Generally we open ceremony at 9.00/9.30 AM - and close ceremony at 5.00/5.30 PM

Location | Netherlands, exact location will follow with next date(s)

Investment | € 99,- p.p. 

Included | Vegan lunch + Cacao Ceremony + coffee, thee and water whole day + healthy snacks in between   

Optional | For who every wants and when the location allows it, we can prepare an evening meal together after the closing ceremony, before going home again (for an additional fee for the groceries).  

More detailed information in the confirmation email

Your Guide 

Kim a Star Mother, Sacred Architect, Cosmic Channel, High Priestess and Teacher who helps people all across the globe to ascend and amplify their ability to fully embody their divine potential with the speed of light, leading to elevated love, income, connections, fulfillment, and abundance. Not only does she powerfully help souls align to their highest timeline, but she also aligns CEO’s to 5D / New Earth Entrepreneurship and organizes Sacred Travels all around the world.

When she is not teaching & co-creating with her clients, you can find her spending blissful and joyful moments with her family and friends, hiking, traveling to sacred places, and scribing her divinely channeled books.

Star Mother * Sacred Architect * Cosmic Channel * High Priestess * Embodiment Coach * Light Language * Sound Healer * Way-Shower * Best-Selling Author * Member of the Ascended Master Lineage of Thoth * Magdalene Love Being * Certified Akashic Records Master * Universal Sphere® Practitioner * Innovator * Pioneer