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Weaving a field of Love – Love (R)Evolution #2


When you enroll, you will receive:

✓ 3x multidimensional Love transmissions (each +/- 45 minutes)

✓ 2x practical Love Weaving tools that you can use throughout your day

This is an online program that you can begin right away. During the checkout process, you will be prompted to create a password for the Kimness Academy. Once you successfully purchase a program, you will instantly receive access to the associated course within the Academy. It’s important to note that if you haven’t purchased a course yet and click on it, you will be directed to our webshop to make the purchase.

Please read the Guidelines and Terms and Conditions.


A note about Weaving a Field of Love

We are just at the beginning of discovering what is possible when we collectively choose LOVE and together consistently tap into the field of LOVE’s consciousness and its infinite possibilities throughout our days. These journeys are each unique and formed by the group that is coming together, tapping into the field and wisdom of that now moment, to receive and activate the highest contribution Love codes.

Weaving a Field of Love, what my guides have already shared is that this next journey will all be about creating a vibrant energetic field of Love around you, restoring unbalanced connections with the field of Love, gifting you tools to stop the leaking of energy, feeling and setting healthy boundaries, and create a strong centered, grounded, and connected foundation of Love within your beingness. So you can radiate an even more powerful field of Love everywhere you go. As you consistently raise your vibration and connect with Love, you simultaneously become more magnetic for your deepest desires to come your way.

This journey will be a mixture of energetic transmissions and practical tools that support you in Weaving a Field of Love within and around. These Transmissions are multidimensional and not bound by time and space, so you can join live or through the replay and both have a powerful effect.

What can you expect | Weaving a field of Love 

As you join this sacred journey you will be invited to connect with the higher vibration codes of the field of the Flower of Love-consciousness. These codes are ready to be activated on earth in this now moment and can powerfully support your evolutionary journey, supporting you to expand your awareness, guiding you to connect with even deeper pockets of wisdom within your Seed of Creation, amplifying your intuitive powers, re-aligning your beautiful body to health and activating your abundance codes through your conscious interaction and anchoring of these higher vibrational templates of Love.

These transmissions support you in consistently raising your vibration and connecting you with higher levels of Love-consciousness. Each and everyone’s journey with these codes is unique, because they support you in deeply remembering your Souls Essence, your unique YOU-NESS you came here to BE.


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