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Activate your Authentic Voice online


When you join you receive;

✓ Two guided transmissions that support you to release and reconnect to your Authentic Self-expression

✓ Cosmic Sound morning audio

✓ Expression exercise guided meditation

This is an online program that you can begin right away. During the checkout process, you will be prompted to create a password for the Kimness Academy. Once you successfully purchase a program, you will instantly receive access to the associated course within the Academy. It’s important to note that if you haven’t purchased a course yet and click on it, you will be directed to our webshop to make the purchase.

Please read the Guidelines and Terms and Conditions.


This online workshop is designed to support you to awaken your divine self-expression through the portal of your voice. Together we explore the deepening understanding of the authentic voice, connect and activate deeper layers of your divine voice template and bring it into form in any way that is aligned for you, held in the safe and nourishing space of this workshop vortex. During this journey awaken your unique authentic expression through spoken word, light language, artwork, singing, dancing, sacred geometry, or whatever way is divinely aligned for you!

In this powerful workshop:

✓ Reclaim your authentic voice and expression

✓ Connect to your divine truth

✓ Building confidence in expressing what you feel inspired to birth

✓ Strengthening your self-worth

✓ Widen visibility

✓ Expand your contribution

The portal of your voice is a powerful way to

✓ Anchor your unique divine frequencies on the earthstar

✓ Manifest what you desire

✓ Open divine portals within your field

✓ Bring healing to yourself and others

You came here on this earthly journey to be you! To express you! But what is the You-ness that wants to be expressed through you?

You are a creator being and your voice is a powerful key in manifesting what you desire!

This powerful journey rapidly harmonizes and balances your throat chakra, releasing layers of illusion and distortions that keep you from expressing your authentic voice, and upgrading into its highest now timeline.

With all, you desire to create it starts with you feeling confident and supported to speak your authentic truth! Reclaim the power of your voice and use it to manifest what you desire and to create beauty in the world!


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