Energy frequency of gemstones

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These high frequency energy transmissions are made with the energy of different gemstones and their qualities.

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High frequency light transformation Selenite gemstone energie # 13 nov

This high frequency light transformation is made with the energy of Selenite gemstone. The energy of this transmission connects you to the feeling of peace within yourself. A lot of pure light and love energy comes through. This transmission helps you to anchor the energies from higher realms in your first chakras and in to mother earth. This transmission feels like a shower with loving, soft and sparkling energy coming from the universe and all the high frequency beings around you, a lot of twinkling white light that fills your (energy) body. There are many angels around you right now, say YES and they will and can help you. We live in a universe of free will, they need a yes from you to help you. So say yes and we, the angels around you, can help you and put a smile on your face. Tune in to the frequency of peace in yourself.

High frequency light transformation Amethyst # 4 nov

This high frequency light transformation is made with the energy of Amethyst. The energy of this transmission tells you to let go of everything that no longer serves you. Connect with mother earth and give here everything you do not need anymore. Visualize as if you are under the shower and allow all blockages, old patterns and negative beliefs to run into the well with the water. The energy in this transmission is also about having compassion for yourself, you did well! Let everything go and surrender to the power of love. Remember that you are love!

High frequency light transformation rose quartz energie # okt 31

This high frequency light transformation is made with the energy of pink quartz. Very calming energy, connected with angels and your third eye, let go of what is not light and love, open your heart and connect with your soul and higher self, connect with your essence. Let go of all noise and surrender to the vibration of unconditional love. 

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