On this page, you will find powerful Transmissions of the Embodied Radiance journeys.

The frequencies and vibrations throughout these transmissions work with you multi-dimensionally, your higher self knows what it desires to receive out of these multidimensional codes. Allow your heart to guide you to which one you want to listen to in this now moment.

The light language, cosmic sounds, and sacred geometry constantly deepen your awareness and open new portals within your field. Allowing more pockets of wisdom to reveal themselves to you.

Spark of Creation, writing exercise – 16 Feb 23
I Forgive – 2 March 2023
Recalibration Golden Lotus – 16 March 2023
Transmission Root chakra Lotus I Love You – 12 Jan 2023
Embodied Radiance – Portal of creation – I Am statements – 26 Jan 2023
Embodied Radiance – Your Golden Light Holding Space – 9 Feb 2023