The iceberg

Do you know the image of the iceberg in the water? Where your consciousness, is 5% above the water and your subconsciousness, the 95% below the water. During one day (if you have not trained this) you will have conscious thoughts and actions for about 5% of your day. So for the other 95%, all unconscious programs run.

If you send a conscious intention into the universe of something you really want, only there is an unconscious program running that says the exact opposite, little will happen.

Benefits of acting from your subconscious mind

This is very useful in many situations, for example, while I type this text it is very nice that my subconscious mind knows where all the keys are. Do consider that you have to consciously type something on your computer every time, just like in the beginning, it would not go very quickly. Let try this, just type a text on your computer and now do it with your aware attention, what you often see happening is that it suddenly becomes a lot less easy as soon as you become aware that you are typing. This is also the case with driving, do you remember how you drove in the beginning when you just got your driver’s license? And now, now that you are more experienced? Many processes are automatic and that really helped us in a way.

Theta brainwaves first years of life, feeding your subconscious mind

On the other hand, there are also a lot of subconscious emotional programs from our childhood that are not that supportive. Which continuously send ‘negative’ vibrations out into the universe.

Scientists have discovered that a large part of your subconscious mind is fed between your birth and when you are about 7 years. In these first years of your life, the brain is designed to only take in information, your brain is then in Theta brainwaves. As adults, we can still reach these brain waves when we are in meditation.

Doctor Bruce Lipton gives a good example in his video’s on Youtube. He explains that if you buy a computer, all programs run on it so that as soon as you turn on your new computer you can get started right away. You can add or remove additional programs, but the basics are already there. How would we feel if there are no programs on your computer? That when you turn it on for the first time, there is only a black screen.

When you are born you are also completely “empty” (by this theory) nature has made it so that during the first 7 years your brain is in a state of downloading. Everything you receive from your parents, family, caregivers, school, and society, you take in as true. You do not doubt it, you do not yet establish relationships between the information that you receive, your brain is a sponge for information, sucking up everything around. With things that are consciously said to you and the things that you see happening around you. You record everything as true! This is how subconscious programs are created.

Just an example, suppose you were often told during these first years in your life that you were not good enough, you cannot do it anyway, you should do ‘normal’, must be a mini adult, etc. Your whole life your subconscious will send these beliefs into the universe as vibrations. You will understand that if your subconscious has a lot of these negative programs that you will probably have negative projections of this in your life as an adult unless you clear out these old programs.

Or suppose you see your parents arguing while you are little, then your subconscious mind will attract a partner where you can live this unconscious programming. Since those are the vibrations that your subconscious is sending out into the universe.

This works much further. Your subconscious mind sends these “negative” vibrations into the universe as a wish, attracting experiences that match these negative vibrations. So you attract things that are not pleasant and that in turn confirms your negative thoughts about this. As a result of which the spiral only goes further down. You have a not-so-pleasant experience, you then have the feeling that it will always be that way because it always was because you always have got it this way in your life.

Would you like to change? Anytime such an unconscious program emerges from an experience in your reality that is not pleasant, this is an opportunity to delete or overwrite this program for good.

Subconscious stress for your body

These unconscious negative programs can also cause stress on your body. From an energy point of view, they are compacted energy spots in your energy field. The energy does not flow through that and that costs you energy and can even make you sick in the long term.

Because of the negative vibrations that your subconscious mind sends out from old negative patterns, you always end up in situations that are not pleasant. That produces a stress response for your body. Your body doesn’t know the difference between having to escape from a lion or a colleague who makes a nasty comment. For your primal brain, there is no difference, then your immune system goes on hold during the stress, recovery work is delayed, you sleep restlessly and your brain enters a tunnel vision (to have to escape for that lion). Imagine what this stress if it is long-term does to your body? If this continues long enough, you will get physical complaints, which in turn are an additional confirmation for the unconscious negative program.

Convert negative subconscious programs to positive

Many different techniques have been devised to help you with this. It is especially important to feel what suits you. You will find that at different stages of your life you need different things. Even if you have been working on this for years, unexpected blockages can sometimes arise. Know that it always gives strength because when you have cleared it up you can move on in your life.

High-frequency light transformations are also a way to release yourself from these subconscious programs.

Everything is part of life. Learn to enjoy the road and try to see everything as an opportunity to move forward.

“In order to change your life outside, you must change inside. The moment you are willing to change, it is amazing how the universe begins to help you. It brings you what you need.”

Louise Hay

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