What do you need to manifest? To be a vibrational match for what you want?

Your thoughts are the magnet for your manifestations

From the law of attraction we have learned that everything has a negative and a positive pole, your thoughts as a magnet. The universe is always doing something! so you go either towards the positive or negative side. Then it is good to know what your predominant vibration bubble looks like. Is your energy bubble predominantly positive or negative? That determines what your magnet attracts to your environment. So it is important to get as much positive energy into your bubble as possible. You do this by having fun! Do the things that you enjoy, that feel joyful to you. Also in situations that are less fun, try to look for the positive sides. Try to find the wealth in every moment.

Choose to feel good

I assume that what you would like to manifest are nice things? So to be able to attract these nice things you must also feel good. Let us go a little further with the magnet attraction of your thoughts. If you feel good, your vibration is positive and your magnet will attract nice things. If you are not feeling good for a longer moment, your vibration is similair and if this lasts long enough, your magnet will hit the negative pole. The faster and longer you manage to hold a positive vibration, the faster the universe can bring you beautiful things because you are a vibrational match. Then the positive domino continues. You feel good so that nice things can come your way, because you feel good even better and even more beautiful things can come your way and so on. Then you are open to receive.

Visualize as if you already have it, how do you feel?

For manifesting conscious things another important aspect is that you feel like it already happend. What is it that you want? Would you like to climb Ben Nevis in Scotland? Then visualize that you have already climbed this beautiful mountain and you are standing at the top of Ben Nevis. How do you feel on top of that mountain? Then get the essence of that feeling and feel it! The universe knows no difference between you daydreaming about the future as if it were reality or you living in the now or the past. If you visualize all things from the past and present, you will get what you have always received. Would you like new experiences? Then it is time to start feeling your future dreams in the now.

“To bring anything into your life, imagine that it’s already there.”

Richard Bach

“It’s not about action… It’s about vibrational alignment.”

Abraham Hicks

Most of all, have fun

Meditation is a way to gain more and more control over your thoughts, so that you can consciously choose where your thoughts go. If focusing your thoughts is still a bit difficult, you can also choose to do what makes you happy. If you start doing more and more things that make you feel good, you will also attract more things that make you feel good. Then attracting positive things will be much more natural instead of forcing it. Keep the positive flow in mind! Meditation is a very beautiful tool and there are many different types and forms of meditation, definitely recommended to discover. The most important thing is that you have fun and then you will also see that meditation will be easier! Remember that the universe always does something, even if you consciously do not want to make a choice, it is still a choice of resistance, so that your magnet will tend to go towards the negative pole. By not making a choice, you often attract things that you would rather not want.

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