There are so many things to be grateful for, the sun that is shining, the lovely people around you, a delicious meal, a smile, a beautiful butterfly passing by. It all starts with your thoughts about the world around you. These thoughts are very powerful and determine what you attract. The feeling of gratitude is a powerful tool in the law of attraction.

What’s the use of gratitude?

By being grateful for what you already have, you say to the universe, please more of this! When you feel grateful, your magnet moves towards the positive side and by being grateful long enough, your energy bubble also becomes positive. That is the basis for manifesting beautiful things. Because for manifesting you must be a vibrational match for what you want to attract. If you want to attract nice things, gratitude is a good start!

“A grateful mind is a great mind which will eventually attracts to itself great things.”


It takes some switching your thoughts in the beginning and requires focus. You always have a choice where you give your attention to and what you fantasize about. Look for (the small) things to be thankful for in your life. This can be very small things such as a beautiful butterfly passing by, a sun, a nice cup of coffee or tea, some time for yourself or a nice meditation.

Even in situations that are “not pleasant”, you can often find small things to be grateful for. Is your work not what you expected? Then go and see which elements you like, perhaps a nice colleague or tasty coffee, for which you can be grateful.

Also realize that the situations that you attract into your life right now comes from your vibration. If you want to attract other things, you will have to change your vibration. You decide which direction your inner magnet will go.

Gratitude is a good start for this. You can ask for emotions such as love and freedom immediately , for some that is still too big off a step.

“Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life.”

Burton Hills

Gratitude good for your health

When you have feelings of gratitude, you cannot feel feelings of fear, sadness, or angry at the same time. Your thoughts direct the processes in your body, feelings of gratitude, means that your body receives the signals of safety, thereby sending out hormones and other signals of safety and your sympathetic nervous system is active (nervous system at rest). Your body has time to repair and renew cells, your immune system works optimally and you have the full capacity of your brain at your disposal, including your creative thinking. All of this has positive effects on your health.

Fight, flight and freeze mechanism

The opposite is also true, do you have feelings of anger, fear and sadness, then your thoughts give the signal of stress. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between stress about escaping from a lion or stress about work, an ugly comment and so on. Your body will optimize in case of stress on being able to escape for that lion. All energy goes to your muscles, your brain goes into tunnel vision (creativity is off no use then), your immune system is locked and your reproductive organs too. If your body has to choose between escaping that lion or fighting a virus, it will choose the lion, once the lion has eaten you then that virus doesn’t matter anymore. These are ancient systems or ancient brains that still run in our human beings. Do you have to consider what long-term stress does to your body? No cell renewal and repair? Continuously in tunnel vision? Your immune system that is not functioning optimally and so on.

Telomere promotes through gratitude

In addition, scientists have made another discovery and this concerns your telomeres, which are related to aging symptoms. I always envision it as a “tail” at the end of your cells called the telomeres. Scientists have known this for many decades. At birth it is very long string and during your life it becomes shorter and shorter and in many it is completely gone around the age of 35th / 40th, which then also causes more aging symptoms at that age. Your body does not recover as quickly as it used to, you have more chance of illness, you get wrinkles, gray hair and so on. However, there were also a number of people who were still had a long sting of telomere well past their 30s. Scientists always assumed that these telomeres were always decreasing and unable to grow.

So new discoveries have been made that show that these telomeres can indeed regrow. Longer telomeres therefore means a longer fit and healthier life! How can you make your telomeres grow (again)?

  1. Self love, love who you are! The last thing I read about this was that only 10% of people really love themselves! Often this negative self-image stems from upbringing, teachers, critical world around them.
  2. Gratitude, a life of joy, sparkle, gratitude, love life. Tell all your trillion cells this life is wonderful, be healthy and great!
  3. Service, that you feel useful, the feeling that you contribute to something, a purpose in your life gives a longer and healthier life.

One of the scientists who knows a lot about this is Bruce Lipton, interesting documentary of his is “Regenerate new cells and boost your immunity”.

Gratitude gift for you

Feelings of gratitude for everything you have gives tremendous wealth for both what you want to attract and your bodies health. Which in turn makes you feel good and if you only manage to hold on to that nice feeling long enough, your energy bubble is positive and you also attract nicer things.

To help you on your way, I have written a free program with a 7 day challenge to a life with more gratitude. If your inner magnet radiates gratitude, it will also attract more things to be thankful for. Treat yourself to these little gifts from the universe and participate (register at the bottom of this page).

Rainbow of emotions. Know that all emotions belong, both the happy and the les happy emotions, together that gives color and richness to your life! A rainbow shows us that by combining the rain (sadness) and the sun (joy) you get beautiful colors.
Shine and be proud of your rainbow colors!


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