July 30, 2020

It is a misconception that if you start with the law of attraction everything will suddenly go smoothly. Often you have done and thought the same way for years. If you want to change, you will have to feed more and more positive vibes to your energy bubble so that it will turn to the positive pole.

Energy bubble

As explained in the Law of Attraction article, your thoughts/words/feelings/actions create the reality around you. Think of it as a large energy bubble around you with a positive pole on one side and a negative pole on the other. Have your thoughts/words/feelings/actions been predominantly positive or negative in recent years? That determines what you have attracted.
If you want to change, it is important to feed your energy bubble with positive vibrations, so that it spreads to the positive. You can begin to feel what you are grateful for. To feel what makes you happy. What are your wishes for the future?

Know that you always have freedom of thought. You decide what you think about, in the beginning, this will take some practice if you do this consistently you will realize faster and faster if you stray for a moment to negative thoughts and you have the tools to quickly turn them back into something positive.

“When we begin to work on ourselves, sometimes things get worse before they get better. It is Okay if that happens, it’s the beginning of the process. It’s untangling old threads. Just flow with it. It takes time and effort to learn what we need to learn. Don’t demand instant change. Impatience is only resistance to learning. It means you want the goal without going through the process. Let yourself do it step by step. It will get easier as you go along.”

Louise Hay

Different forms of resistance

Some possible reasons for resistance when you start with the law of attraction;

  • Sometimes you experience resistance to feel even more clearly what it is that you want, most of the time the opposite of what gives you the feeling of resistance. As Abraham Hicks puts it, you are sending even clearer pillars of desire into your vortex/universe. An example is, you would like to quit smoking, but have caught another cigarette and are really fed up with this, then you send an even clearer wish to the universe of what you want from this resistance. Sometimes moments like that give us insight into what we would like to change. By experiencing what you don’t want again, you also know what you do want!
  • Another point may be that your subconscious mind still has negative beliefs, patterns, conditioning from your past (past lives). So by bringing you into certain situations and thereby triggering resistance in you, the universe allows you to clear them out. It says, as it were, there is something else here and if you clear this up, your energy bubble will be lighter again.
  • The subconscious mind can also influence your law of attraction in another way. As an example; suppose your wish is to climb a mountain, only in your subconscious have you saved from your upbringing, school time, the society that this is impossible. You then consciously send to your vibration bubble “I have climbed a mountain” to indicate your wish. Only in the meantime, your subconscious mind sends the signal of “you can never climb a mountain” because, for example, your parents said this to you in the past. You will understand that the balance of these two comes to zero and nothing will happen because the wish is unclear to the universe.

Examine the resistance

If you would like change, it is therefore interesting to investigate what this resistance means to you. Also know that you are on the right track! The universe only wants to help you to make your wishes even clearer and to dissolve all kinds of subconscious blockages.

Above all, keep adding positive vibes to your energy bubble. Know that there is no “wrong” because you will either get what you want or you will learn something new and have an even clearer picture of where you want to go with your life.

You may not immediately achieve the results you envision, if you intend to go for “the most important thing is that I feel good,” there will come a day when the energy bubble will turn completely positive. If you are open to it, you will see more and more little signs of love. This could be a lovely sunbeam, a butterfly passing by, a parking space for you in a busy place, a friendly smile from a passerby, or a nice song on the radio.

Dare to see resistance as an opportunity to grow!

Know that it doesn’t take outward circumstances to feel happy. All the happiness you need is already in your heart. You make the choice what you think about, what you talk about and the things you do, dare to choose to be grateful in the moment.

You are worthy of having joy in your life!

You are worthy of experiencing unconditional love in yourself!

You are worth loving yourself!


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