Would you like a life with more joy, sparkle and miracles, then there are three important parts of yourself that you can get started with! These three points are all connected, if one does not flow properly, it will affect the others. These are:

  • Abundant love
  • Connected to source energy
  • Healthy food

Healthy food

It is a misconception that for a healthy body you only need healthy food and exercise, because if your mindset is not loving it has an immediate effect on your body. Your body produces different hormones and signal substances with emotions of love than with feelings of fear and stress. You can read more about this in the article about stress. As soon as you experience anxiety or stress, the sympathetic nervous system in your body turns on, which temporarily puts your immune system on hold. This is fine with a temporary top performance, but this also happens through feelings of stress and anxiety. Consider what this does to to you if you experience long-term stress? I don’t want to go into this too much in this article, it does indicate how your thoughts and emotions influence the physical processes in your body.
In addition, “bad” nutrition can also have a negative effect on your spiritual connection. If you eat a lot of animal products, unsaturated fats, refined sugars, alcohol and processed foods, your body needs a lot of energy to process these foods. Often they do not “feed” and can sometimes even cause inflammatory reactions in your body. You can often feel the negative reaction to food emediatly, do you ever feel completely collapsed after a meal? Then there has been something in that meal that your body has to work harder for.

Then how does this affect my spiritual connection?

As soon as you go to rest to meditate, your immune system will use a lot of energy to fight this “bad” nutrition instead of dealing with the repair and recovery of your body. Something your body does in a resting state as standard, if you are looking for parasympathetic nervous system you can read more about this here. A diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, sufficient fiber, nuts, seeds, legumes, healthy fats is healthy for your physical body and your mental and spiritual state. You will experience as you eat more naturally your spiritual connection becomes clearer.
The opposite is also true, the more you are connected to the unconditional source of love within yourself, the better you want to take care of your body, healthy food is part of that!

Abundant love

By abundant love I mean the unconditional love for yourself and everything around you. From this abundant love for yourself you also have enought to give to your environment. It starts with self-compassion and self-care.

Embrace everything you are, both your powerful adult self and your vulnerable little self and don’t mind if you have a bad day now and then, or if you find yourself reacting from old blockage. You will notice that the more you will allow the abundant love into your life the more compassion you will have for those parts of yourself. That those are allowed to be there and that you have the power and tools to deal with those pieces yourself. You will notice if you stay with those sad or angry emotions for a while, if this emotion is seen and it is allowed to be, that it is gone quite quickly, by then bringing in light and love you can transform it.

If you love yourself, you will also feel and indicate your own limits better. This can cause some resistance with your environment in the beginning because they have to get used to your new boundaries. As long as you indicate these boundaries from within yourself in a loving way, this is very good. In the long term, it is no use to anyone if you keep pushing your boundaries. You can do much more for your environment if you live from your inner strength and energy! In addition, you are then an example for your environment to inspire them to also invest in their own strength and energy.

From this self-love you also want the best nutrition for your body! Your body as a temple for this abundant love. The need for “bad” nutrition often stems from feeding an emotional imbalance in your body, if you dare to accept it instead of running away from it, the need for these types of foods will often decrease. If you really love yourself, you want the best for your body. It is nice to live a free and passionate life and that your body is fit and healthy to be able to do what you want to do!

Connected to source energy

The universe, there are many different names for source energy such as inner light source, inner love source, quantum field, universal field of light and love, divine light source, especially use the name that feels good to you.
Everything and everyone is connected with this source energy. This unconditional source of light and love feeds you in your whole being. Gives you inspiration and beautiful ideas and can even give your physical body signals for miraculous healings.

In this field all wisdom of the past years, centuries, life on earth is stored. Tuning in to this gives you access to all these sources of wisdom.
There are several ways to connect with the universal light and love field. Among other things, through meditation, by living consciously, by consciously connecting with your heart, yoga, mindfulness and lightcodes.

Through the law of attraction, you can learn more about how to interact with the universe. That once you are a vibrational match for what you want, the universe can deliver it to you. Then you can create a life of abundant love, wealth, health and freedom. From this financial freedom you also have the means to afford even more healthy food, nice holidays by the sea, more leisure time to be in nature, creating meaning for others, yoga at home, meditation weekends, the sky is the limit. If you live from love, you feel supported by the universe, that it brings you everything you need, if your body is healthy and fit, then you have all the ingredients to live with joy, sparkle and wonder.

A very nice saying that I recently found is;

“A healer is not someone you go to for healing. A healer is someone who helps you to find the key within you, for your own ability te heal”


Find your own strength and from that strength you have the wisdom to heal things yourself. What works for one may not be the case for another, follow the inner guidance of your heart!

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