Light language is a transfer of energy. This light energy contains information from the source, it is the language of love connected to the soul. This light language causes vibrations that move energy. These high frequencies of light bring loving codes, energies, and vibrations that help you to live more inflow, from your heart. It is a language that your soul recognizes and thereby ignores your ratio that wants to understand everything.

During a light transformation, high energy frequencies come through that do exactly what you need at that moment. Working with the language of light is a powerful tool to connect directly to your soul, your DNA, thereby activating your personal being. Your higher self guides which frequencies of light may come through at that moment to connect with your soul and activate what is needed to start living your soul mission.

With a high-frequency light transformation, I open myself up as a channel and let high frequencies of light and love flow through me. All you have to do is receive, you may get images, feelings, or feel energy moving. It may also be that you do not experience anything in the physical, then know that a lot happens on higher levels of consciousness, because our physical body, the 3d reality around us is only a very small part of our very large energy field.

Under the guidance of your higher self and all the high frequencies around you, it becomes a beautiful co-creating together with my guides, light family, mother earth co-creating. Because it is a collaboration with your higher self, the high frequencies will know exactly what is needed for you at that moment, this could be activations or special codes or maybe it is time to let go of old patterns.

The power of light language is that it is guided by our higher selves and goes beyond our thinking, which is always looking for rational and tangible answers and often holds us in blocking programming and mental barriers. It is precisely our higher self, our soul, and all the high frequencies around us that guide us to live a life full of joy, (self) love, and abundance so that you can live from your strength!

If you are reading this, you are also looking for more meaning in your life, to live more from your inner strength, who you are deep within. More living in the 5d reality instead of the 3d. Sometimes it is needed to first leave some old layers behind before you can radiate from your pure essence. You can lift your energy to a higher dimension through the power of light language.

The purer your energy system becomes, the easier your communication with your higher self and high frequencies around you. In the beginning, you sometimes need help to get out of old patterns and blockages, in the end, you can do it all yourself. Then you can communicate with your higher self, your inner wisdom, with light beings around you, heal and regenerate your cells, direct and activate your divine DNA.

Light language can come through in many different ways, including through words, images, sounds, (hand) movements, and light code drawings, which contain coded energy. The form of light language that comes through can vary per moment and person, just what is needed for that person or group at that moment. We have known forms of light language for a long time including sound therapies, intuitive mudras, and the drawings we know from geometric shapes, algebraic formulas, and Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Hundreds/thousands of years ago the use of spiritual rituals was common. In such a spiritual ritual, use was made of sounds, symbols, smells, images, and movements to translate the energy they received from higher dimensions to mother earth. In our present time, the focus is more on the material aspects of our consciousness. There is an increasing group of people on Earth awakening to a new way of life, 5d consciousness, where we may be reunited with our divine power and wisdom.

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