Life is supposed to be fun! I think a lot of people will disagree with this statement and that’s is a shame, because when you are having fun you will attract even more fun things and your life goes in a spiral up.

We live in a universe where our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions attract our experiences like a magnet. If you have all positive thoughts, the universe will also bring you positive things. If you think all negative thoughts you will always find yourself in situations that confirm these negative thoughts and beliefs.

The universe does not know the difference between positive and negative, it relies, as it were, on the vibrational energy of your thoughts and then thinks that this is what you want! Do you think of beautiful rainbows and it makes you completely happy, then the universe will look for similar frequency things that will make you happy. On the other hand, if you think that everything is always going against you, the universe will continuously put you in situations to confirm this feeling.

So you can see your surroundings as a mirror of your inner world. Even if you are not aware of the power of your thoughts, something always happens! Even if you “consciously” do not want to make a choice, this is still a form of resistance, which in turn will give a negative direction to your magnet.

“If you’re not having fun, you’re missing the whole point of it anyway”

Abraham Hicks

It is best to use this knowledge so that it works to your advantage! So that you can start using it to manifest the life of your dreams.

It all starts with Having Fun! If you radiate the energy of fun you will attract people, situations, and opportunities that are even more fun! You go up in a spiral, as it were. Because those new pleasant experiences will make you feel even better and so even better things will come your way.

How do you create fun?

Go do the things you like! Dance like crazy in your living room, take a nice walk, sing along to your favorite songs. By consciously choosing what gives you joy and doing those things, you give a clear signal to the universe, this is what I want! I would like more of this!

And if you don’t “manage” to feel pleasure, start simple. From the Abraham Hicks emotional scale, you can see that it also starts slowly with feelings of satisfaction and hope. Look for little things that you are happy about and can be hopeful about. From there you can slowly expand it. It is like a domino effect, the more you are open to beautiful things, the better domino stones will fall. It’s okay to start small, it’s great when you start! Then so many beautiful things can change your life! Meditation, yoga, and walking in nature can also help to shift your thoughts and emotions to more neutral and later even to beautiful and positive emotions.

You will also experience that the better you get at having fun, the faster and easier the manifestations will go. The more expressive the emotions you feel, the higher the attraction frequency, emotions such as love, freedom, joy, and passion can cause your manifestations to take place even faster.

In love

Just think back to a moment in your life where you were fully in love. Most will say that everything went well for them at that time in their lives. They had all the energy in the world, their bodies were in top shape, they received nice reactions from their environment and sometimes even nice job offers or other spontaneous actions. Because you are radiating, sending out the energy of love, the universe will give you more of that!

Thank you letter to the universe

Another useful tool is to write down your manifestation wishes on paper as if they have already taken place. Then write a letter to the universe with “thank you universe for….” and then as if your wishes are already present.

An example letter to the universe could be:
“Thank you Universe for all the beautiful presents, I am very grateful to you for the beautiful trip to Italy that we have won, we really enjoyed it! My boss suddenly came up with a very welcome salary increase and we found a unique piece of furniture that we have always been looking for, for a small price. From our hearts, thank you universe! ”

To give it extra strength, you can then read this letter out loud to yourself every day based on those positive emotions. Then you keep repeating this is what I want! Note that the universe will give you its essence. As an example, the trip to Italy, what feeling does it give us when we are traveling? Freedom, joy, relaxation, it may be that the universe will bring you things that will evoke similar emotions in you. Sometimes the actual manifestations are even better than what you imagined.
It is also nice for your environment if you are happy. That means that you have more to give for your environment, and you also inspire them into these positive vibrations, you will be an example to them for how they can do this for themselves. So it starts with Having Fun!

“The best thing you could do for anyone that you love is be happy!”

Abraham hicks

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