Ho’oponopono is a very nice way to get all kinds of conscious and unconscious energies out of your energy bubble.

Where does Ho’oponopono come from?

Ho’oponopono is originally a Hawaiian ritual that helps you to make (inner) peace and to forgive. When someone in the family was ill, a “healer” (Kahuna) would come and do Ho’oponopono to heal. Also, it promoted a good relationship between families and their god/source.

What does the word Ho’oponopono mean

The word is made up of different parts with different meanings.

Ho’o = moving something
Pono = good or fair
Ponopono = rebalance

There is a lot to read about the traditional way of Ho’oponopono, in this article I want to go further on how this ritual can contribute to you today.

Ho’oponopono as a tool for manifesting

In many other articles on this website, the law of attraction is explained and how your energy bubble works, Ho’oponopono is a great tool to get even closer to what you want to manifest in your life!

Basically, it means that you have to be a vibrational match with what you want to attract. So if you want to manifest beautiful things, you must send beautiful things into the universe.

You are doing things consciously for about 5% of the day (if you don’t train it), with your conscious mind, and for the other 95%, you do everything from your subconscious, automatic pilot.

This is nice for many things, such as cycling, driving a car or working on your computer. But if you want to manifest things in your life, it can also be a hindrance when there still hidden blockages.

Your subconscious mind is largely fed by the input you receive in the age of zero to 7 years, if you want to know more about this, you can read this in the article “your subconscious mind”.

Why I mention this is because for that 5% of your day you can do your very best to send out all-loving energy into the world. But if your subconscious mind sends out another message, then there will only be minimal movement. Think of it like an iceberg, the tip of your head consciously transmits things, the part underwater, which you cannot see, also transmits something. For any conscious negative beliefs, millions of unconscious negative beliefs can be under the water, so you can imagine that nothing will change then.

If your manifestations are difficult to get started or if you still have negative experiences on your path despite your positive input, there will be something in your subconscious that sends this out.

I am very visual myself, I always enjoy creating an image of what I feel, learn, and understand. Below you can download a pdf booklet that visually explains how those memories in your subconscious work.

How can Ho’oponopono help transform the subconscious?

It starts with taking responsibility for everything that happens in your life! Even if “someone does something bad to you” it means that there is still resonant energy somewhere in your energy bubble because otherwise, it would not have crossed your path. The universe brings equals together. Time to turn this around and take back control of your life yourself!

Often you do not even know what is in your subconscious mind, it can be blockages from your early childhood, family systems that you have inherited, energy from past lives.

The great thing about Ho’oponopono is that you don’t need anyone else to help you, it is something you can do yourself. Suppose you have a “negative” relationship with a family member, then you can take responsibility for improving this relationship by applying Ho’oponopono. Because you are going to change something in your energy bubble, you will attract other experiences in your life. This is something you do for yourself. After all, you want to move forward and change something in your life, so you can live a life filled with love, joy, and abundance.

“The purpose of life is to return to love, the state of zero. Every second, every moment. To achieve this goal, every person must recognize that he or she is 100% responsible for creating his / her life as it is today. It must be accepted that our thoughts determine our life as it is now. The problems are not people, places, circumstances, or situations, but the thoughts and feelings about them. You have to learn to realize that there is no such thing as out there. ” – Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

How to apply Ho’oponopono yourself

The basis starts with reciting 4 sentences, which ensure that your subconscious mind will transform the negative energy blockages. As these energy blocks are transformed into love, you will also attract other things according to the law of attraction.

Made a small book to visually explain how memories are in the energy bubble around you, the more you let go of negative energy, the purer the energy of light and love can come through, inspiration.

You can say the 4 sentences as a mantra throughout the day

  • I love you
  • I’m sorry
  • Please forgive me
  • Thank you

By saying this mantra you indicate to the universe that you want to take responsibility for your life. So you say ‘sorry’ to the universe/source energy / God, that you have forgotten your connection with source energy and would like to return to the state of love and connection.

With this method you don’t have to dive into all those subconscious layers, just acknowledge them for what they are and then let this Ho’oponopono mantra transform into light and love.

If something happens in your life that you do not like, repeat this mantra until you feel that your energy has calmed down. Be grateful for these signals from the universe that there is still something that may be cleaned up so that you can be more radiant afterward.

By repeating this mantra daily, you clear all blockages in your subconscious mind. Sometimes you do not immediately see physical results, it is about having confidence in the process and the strength that you get from it by taking responsibility for your life.

Because as soon as you recite these 4 sentences, your subconscious mind is already transforming. As you have read before, for every conscious though there are millions of energies moving in your subconscious mind. That indicates a bit of how much energy moves before you consciously see / feel/experience it in your outside world / conscious mind.

The meaning of the 4 sentences of Ho’oponopono

Each sentence has a certain meaning, in short these mean;

  • I love you = I know that I am perfect and a source of light and love
  • I am sorry = I take responsibility for what happens in my life
  • Please forgive me = I ask forgiveness for holding this block in my energy bubble and let it transform
  • Thank you = thank you that this block has now been transformed into light and love

Using “I love you” as a mantra in a difficult conversation

If you are having an intense conversation, you can also say “I love you” within yourself. This way you ensure that the other person does not place new energy blockages in your energy bubble.

We are all energy, everything is energy and affects each other. For example, if someone says something sad to you, it means from the ho’oponopono that somewhere in your energy bubble, unconsciously, there is an energy match. That does not have to be consciously present in your life, but it comes your way, so you can take responsibility for it yourself and transform it. By then saying “I love you” to yourself, you are already transforming this energy for yourself and the person who tells the sad story.

As with anything, feel what suits you and what resonates with your energy.

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