All the wisdom you need is already in you! We often tend to look outside ourselves for solutions, if you take the time to really listen to your inner voice you will find that the most creative things will emerge.

Take a moment to be in silence, do a breathing exercise, take a walk, do yoga, listen to a nice meditation. Those are such valuable recharge moments. Take a step back from everything that demands your attention, to be completely in the here and now. The time you take for yourself, even if it is only 5 minutes a day to breathe consciously, you get back in beautiful things in so many areas.

Taking good care of yourself is so important! When you are in alignment with yourself, beautiful things come your way, you are in your strength and your environment benefits from that.

Sometimes these are things that you should be reminded of again, with all the hectic pace of a young family it can sometimes be forgotten. I notice that when I take a moment for myself, I go back into alignment and get into a positive flow, everything goes a lot more mindful happy!

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