Everything in this world consists of energy waves, really everything, we humans but also animals, plants, mother earth, the air, and everything around you.
Everything on this Earth sends out energy waves/vibrations and that is the way everything communicates with each other. As an example a walk through the forest, many people come to rest and relax, nature sends out a relaxed vibration frequency that positively affects your body energy vibration.

Your body is a collective field of vibrations

Your body is made up out of 50 trillion cells that communicate with each other through these energy waves/vibrations. It is an illusion that a human being is a physical body, what we see as our physical body are actually those 50 trillion cells that communicate with each other via waves/vibrations.

Suppose you enter a space where people are arguing, then you feel that in your body, the vibration of that argument is still present in that space and influences your vibrational field (your body).

The vibration of your thoughts

This also works with your thoughts, your thoughts are also vibrations that you send out into the (collective) field. This transmits a vibration to the 50 trillion cells in your body that are affected positively or negatively depending on your thoughts. In an earlier article, I explained what stress does to your body, with negative thoughts you instruct the cells to freeze, sometimes even become ill, and die.

Your thoughts also enter the collective field and this determines what you attract in your life. Here we come back to the law of attraction and the magnetic force of your thoughts. When you send positive vibrations into the collective field, you will resonate with all beautiful positive things and that is what you attract into your life. The opposite is also true, when you send fearful and angry vibrations into the field that is what you resonate with and what you then will attract on your path. Equal vibrations attract each other.

Your thoughts are not only connected to yourself, also to the person you are thinking of!

Learn to listen to your inner compass again

To attract nice things it is important to listen to the vibrations around you, which ones feel good and which don’t? which places do you like to go to and which ones not? Which people provide energy and who costs energy? It is so important to be able to listen to your inner compass, your intuition, which knows very well what is and is not good for you.

As a baby you still know very well to listen to your intuition, many of us have learned in later years by our parents, school, and the environment to do what is “expected of us”. You have started to rely less and less on your inner compass, not following your feelings but listening to what other people have to say. This is often unintentional because they didn’t know any better. We can learn to listen to our inner compass again, by feeling very well what does and what does not suit us? Your heart has all the answers!

By living more consciously from your heart, you will also create more beautiful experiences in your environment. Train yourself to let your negative mind rest more and more and listen to the voice of your heart.

Use this vibration to do beautiful things for the world.

Now that you know that everything is vibration, you can also use this to positively change the world around you. When you make sure you have a loving and positive feeling, then that is the vibration you send out into your trillion cells and the collective field and what you will resonate with.

If your love vibration becomes more powerful, it will also affect the world around you. You know the effect of throwing a stone into the water with all the circles that then arise. If you create an increasingly powerful love field within yourself, you throw an even bigger stone into the collective field (love conquers everything), which in turn has a ripple effect on the people around you.

Just like in the example of the forest, where the relaxing vibrations of the forest influence your energy field, you can also influence your environment by increasing your self-love.

How beautiful is that, by dealing with yourself and your own feelings in a loving way, you create a loving field around you in which you also give the environment a positive ‘vibration’.

High Frequency Light transformations

The high-frequency light transformations are also positive energy waves/vibrations. We all have a soul, higher self, and a light tribe around us, guiding and supporting us through life.

They work from free will and if you are open to guidance you can ask them for help and they will send a resonant energy wave/vibration. There are many forms to receive this energy, one feels this through sensations in the body, the other translates this energy wave into concrete words, into light codes and another possibility is that this energy wave causes you to receive certain articles/books/conversations on your path that can help you further.

What you want is a loving and harmonic response that will help you further in your life. It is looking for the right frequency. Sometimes your energy bubble may contain vibrational energy from past experiences or negative thoughts. High-frequency light transformations are a way to release this stuck energy so that you can live more and more from your pure self. Your higher self knows exactly what you need and which frequency can support you at that moment to release blockages. Hereby I open myself as a channel and let your higher self / your light tribe sound vibrations through my voice to support you. I will elaborate on this in a future article.

The nice thing about high-frequency light transformations in this form is that your mind/ratio cannot do much with it, it will not judge, the vibrations can be received purely, straigt to your soul, and do what is needed at that moment in time.

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