“It’s not about action… It’s about vibrational alignment.”

Abraham Hicks

What is being in alignment?

Seen from the law of attraction, this means that you are an energetic match in vibration for anything you would like. You feel good, connected and calm and have the confidence that whatever you want will come.

Connected to your loving self

It starts with trusting yourself. In being connected to your source energy, your divine self, your intuition, the universal field of love or whatever other word you would like to use for this. Every person has a loving energy in himself. An energy in which you are perfect just the way you are, lovingly connected to everything and everyone around you, safe and confident in life.

You can experience this energy at times when you really enjoy live or you can create it consciously by focusing your attention on joy or through meditation for example.

When you are in alignment, your vibration bubble is positively charging. You attract what you radiate, the more charged your positive vibration bubble, the more beautiful things come your way. Everything will go much more easy. Because of the loving connection with yourself you are also not so susceptible to what your environment is doing.

When you are in this loving connection, no energy is lost on what you do not want. So you have more energy to do what you want! It’s a positive domino effect. The longer you are in this loving connection with yourself, the more charged your positive vibration bubble, the more beautiful the things you attract.

I notice it myself when I am out of this loving connection, then suddenly everything goes a lot less smooth, the moment I realize this I try to create a moment for myself to reconnect with my loving self. So that afterwards I can be there again full of positive vibes for my environment and have the energy again to do the things I want to do.

Exercise Always Connected

My new mantra is Always Be Connected. In quiet moments I practice this loving connection with the universe and in certain connections I give one intention, so that in a situation where I feel disconnected, I only have to repeat these words in myself to re-establish this connection. If you practice it often enough, it will automatically become a rhythm for your energy.

It works as follows, see the picture of Always In Connection;

  • Always; I then connect my celestial / solar / universe star above my head to the earth star in the center of the earth. I then let this universal light and love enter my body through my crown, it gives my whole body light and love and what it needs, through my feet this energy goes to the center of the earth. Where all the salvaged earth is love.
  • Be; hereby I bring the loving earth energy back up through my feet to my heart, connecting both energy flows together.
  • Connected; from my heart this light and love energy radiates into my entire energy bubble, like a tube torus / bipolar magnetic field. As if you are the core of an apple and everything flows around you, in all directions and you at the core.

You can also make your energy field very large. The advantage of increasing your energy field is that you are much more open to everything the universe has to offer and everything can flow through you faster. Imagine that your energy bubble is the size of a marble, then everything is very condensed and if you then experience a negative emotion, it takes up a lot of space, as it were, and will therefore have a lot off impact on your balance. On the other hand, if your energy bubble is very large, there is so much room for everything and a negative emotion will not affect the balance so quickly because there is so much room for light and love.

Anyone can connect with source. How you make this source connection is different for everyone and a personal discovery. It is important that it is a way that you believe in and that your subconscious mind accepts as true. It can be done according to the above exercise, but there are many more ways to think of. Above all, feel which one works for you!

Another way could be to say “I connect with the light above and light below, which fill my energy field with universal light and love”.

Before meditation or during a rest moment I visualize this Always Be Connected exercise and when I notice that my energy is small and I need my energy to expand, for example, a ‘stressful situation’ I just have to say the words and my energy understands what I mean by it. Because I have practiced it regularly while I feel good and relaxed.

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